Obama's G-20 Syria Push Running Short on Time

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Sept. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Hans Nichols reports on President Barack Obama's attempts to drum up support for military strikes on Syria at the G-20 meeting in Russia and economic concerns being voiced at the meeting over the impact of tapering by the Federal Reserve. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Time to gather support on a syrian strike?

He is certainly running out of time to have a separate meeting with vladimir putin.

There was a possibility of that and he is running out of time for a symbolic victory here at the g-20. that is typically the only kind of victory he would have on a military prospect at a summit design for economic discussions.

The white house position is as they do not need international authorization, they don't need un authorization for a military strike and just as they don't need congressional authorization for a strike, they want them both for symbolic reasons.

You hear the president's aides talk about having a public roll call here at st.


They want to know who is with them and who is against them.

They may fudge it a little bit.

They may be looking for statements that say that action needs to be taken on syria without delineating or defining what that action is.

That is the wiggle room they may have.

So far, the president is not adding a lot of support for his position for military strikes.

It sounds like syria is overshadowing everything.

Is there any economic takeaways from the g-20 so far?

There are some efforts to make sure that what is happening with the federal reserve in terms of the taper , there will be a $100 billion fund for the brics to have a reserve full and they have formalized a lot of the tax haven talks like clamping down on companies hiding money offshore.

Those are the two formal aspects of what is happening here on the economic side.

This is all syria and what you can do about the price of oil.

Thank you so much.

We are going to be hearing from the president himself in the next hour around 9:45 a.m. and we will bring that press conference to you live.

Journey to egypt, a powerful bomb blasted through a residential street in cairo yesterday killing one and injuring 20 others as part of an assassination attempt on the country's interior minister who managed to escape the explosion.

The continued violence in egypt comes as president obama weighs whether to suspend military and

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