Obama: Right Now No Military Solution in Syria

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Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) – President Obama speaks about the Syrian conflict at a joint news conference with French President Francois Hollande at the White House. (Source: Bloomberg)

Patrons were disturbed by their belligerents.

-- belligerence.

We will continue to not just pressure assad regime, but also to get countries like russia and iran to recognize that it is nobody's interest to see the continuing bloodshed and collapse that is taking place inside of that country.

You ask about tangible steps we can take.

We continue to support the moderate opposition.

We continue to provide enormous amounts of humanitarian aid.

One of the problems we have right now is humanitarian axis deliver that access to deliver that aid.

We will be debating a resolution that will permit much greater access for humanitarian aid workers to get food and water, shelter, clothing, fuel to people who need it.

There is great unanimity on this resolution.

We have delivered a very direct message to the russians that they cannot say that they are concerned with the well-being of the people when there are starving civilians.

That is an example of the kind of double matt e-work that we are engaging in right now -- diplomatic work that we are engaging in right now.

Nobody is going to deny that there is enormous frustration.

The underlying premise to the question may be, is there additional direct action or military action that can be taken that will resolve the problem in syria ? i have said throughout my presidency, i always reserve the right to exercise military action on behalf of america's national security interests.

That has to be deployed wisely.

What we saw with respect to chemical weapons situations was the wise use of possible military action.

In partnership with france, we said we would be prepared to act its.

Did not.

-- to act if syria did not.

They needed to knowledge the presence of chemical weapons and agree to a very extensive deal to get this chemical weapons out.

You are right that so far they have missed some deadlines.

On the other hand, we've completely chronicled all the chemical weapons inside its.. -- inside of syria.

There has been a reaffirmation by the syrians and russia that all of it has to be removed.

Concrete steps are being taken to remove it.

We will continue to keep the pressure on.

We now have a u.n. mandate with consequences that there is a failure.

That is something we did not have before.

Whether we can duplicate that kind of process when it comes to the larger resolution of the problem, right now, we do not think there is a military solution per se to the problem.

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