Obama Looks Past Shutdown to Avoiding Debt Ceiling

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Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg White House correspondent Julianna Goldman and Bloomberg view columnist Al Hunt examine President Obama’s role in the political battle over a government shutdown, which side gets the blame if it happens and the difference in tone from previous government shutdowns. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

With foreign policy issues, meeting with the netanyahu.

Do we expect to hear from him about the shutdown?

That is why they planned the cabinet meeting for 4:45 today.

He might say something about what is happening on the budget showdown with the netanyahu meeting but i would expect him to come out pretty strongly with a statement at the cabinet meeting.

One official described it as a prep session.

The various agencies on what to do in the event of a shutdown amid all this week you are going to be hearing the president make a very aggressive case, publicly looking for various opportunities to point fingers at republican saying they are to blame for this, what will be a clean cr, continuing resolution, that only deals with budgetary matters.

He will be talking about the real-life impact and also talking about the looming threat of evil still with the feeling showdown in a few weeks.

Al hunt, i know if the redskins were shutdown it would probably be an advantage.

But with that, we have the idea of who will get blamed, who is most at risk with a shutdown at midnight.

First of all, tom, i call them the washington professional football team now to be erect -- very sensitive of you.

Ask thank you, -- thank you, sir.

The blame year lies overwhelmingly with the republicans that a lot of the issues, on the one hand, on the other hand this one is rather clear-cut.

You don't play games with the government shutdown and with the faith and credit of the united states like this.

The democrat in 2007 tried to cut off funding with the iraqi war, a legitimate fight as the fight over obamacare funding is legitimate today but you do not do it at the peril of government functioning or the u.s. credit.

I think there are a bunch of jihadist in the republican party.

But the big winner on the republican side is ted cruz.

We may think he is irresponsible, we may think it is bad policy or all sorts of things, but out there in the country they just absolutely -- the grassroots we -- republicans love them.

Strong opinions from al hunt.

You are an independent.

Do you agree that there are jihadist in the republican party?

Like the term redskins i would not use the term jihadist to refer to members of the republican party.

There are some firebrands and some who think copper mines is a dirty word in this.

I agree with al that in the short-term at least ted cruz, his filibuster, or the stoppage, was successful in that he has a fundraising base now, he is highly popular.

Ted cruz will not be the republican nominee for president in 2016. i don't think the republicans of that insane in order to do that.

But right now, ted cruz is one of the most popular members of the republican party.

Julianna, what is the action plan for the president?

Can he be a winner?

They think they have the upper hand and they feel he good heading into the shutdown, but their biggest concern is deal -- is still the debt ceiling.

That's why there is going to be said of a different pace on how you see the president responding here then we have seen impact showdowns, because they really need to pace themselves for the bigger rice is on hand.

There is no real agreement in the white house on whether or not this the strength of their hand and weakens republicans' hand heading into the debt ceiling.

One group that says, yes, this does put us in a better position to avoid a big showdown, something that really does risk the credit of the united states with the debt ceiling on october 17. then you have another group that says, look, we don't know what the republican caucus is going to come up with.

We can't count on them.

I want to ask you -- because when we look at where president obama stance, he is a second term president just as president clinton was when we have the event of a shutdown.

The president this time around is not even negotiating.

Who is his newt gingrich in this case?

That is the problem, to start with.

It was the first clinton term that actually set up his reelection very nicely.

19 96. the problem is there is no one to negotiate with.

Several democrats yesterday -- yesterday said the de facto speaker of the house is ted cruz.

John boehner would be a perfect person to negotiate but he does not really have negotiating authority.

I agree with julianna, that republicans will get most of the blanket here's the danger for obama in the long run.

We have a story out today that this -- if this goes a month, it could cost a point in a have a gdp and difficult for several months, we could go back into recession.

Whether republicans caused it -- democrats are not going to gain than this.

Republicans may lose.

Democrats are only going to lose less.

As we go forward -- as i said earlier -- washington becomes more and more irrelevant and the american public -- out, the foundation for this very is very goldwater 1964. what would senator goldwater think of this moment in u.s. history?

I think very goldwater would be a raving liberal in the gop today.

I am not sure -- last year at the convention, ronald reagan socialist, that is the way some tea party people would be ronald reagan.

There is a difference between now and 1995 or 1996. back then they knew it was going to be hardball politics.

Newt gingrich thought he could beat bill clinton and he actually got rolled at that time, but everybody went into it knowing there were risks.

This time a lot of republicans going in this are celebrating, they want the government to shut down.

They don't care about the political ramifications.

Winning the blame on the white house bid here with senator rand paul on "face the nation" on whether blame goes.

He is saying 100% of obamacare the highway.

The president is the one saying i will set down government if you don't give me everything i want on obamacare.

That, to me, is the president being intransigent and unwilling to cover mice.

Clearly republicans are spinning this as the president's fault, not willing to negotiate on the unpopular affordable care act.

This is a signature of his presidency that goes into effect on tuesday.

The timing here is just stunning.

Sara eisen, talking to one senior administration official last night saying the president is in no mood to negotiate with hostage takers.

They just see no point in the president negotiating over pro forma business.

These past showdowns you have seen past congressional leadership, to the white house and making statements on the white house lawn and you do not see it this time.

They say there is no point in negotiate some larger fiscal data.

We are not -- are not talking about tax reform or entitlement reform in the context of a six- month bill to fund the government.

Thank you so much, as always, for your perspective.

We will continue coverage through the day on bloomberg television them on radio, on the government shutdown.

We want to hear from you.

Our twitter question -- what impact will the government shutdown have on the economy and you personally?

Coming up, get ready for health-care reform.

The health exchanges go live tuesday.

A key provision taking impact.

We will look at the effect on the economy and on you.

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