Obama Looks for ACA Support to Counter Critics

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Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Julianna Goldman reports on President Barack Obama’s effort to rally supporters on the Affordable Care Act as CMS chief Marilyn Tavenner prepares to testify today before the Senate on glitches in the plan’s website and roll out. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

For the flaws, but she blames the contractors.

Will he get any more details, explanations today?

We can expect she will get a warmer reception for the democratic-controlled senate than she did the other way, but expect more finger-pointing.

Since she last testified, the administration has, under fire for more than just a website, which, by the way, went down again yesterday for about 90 minutes.

It will also be a couple of weeks for the enrollment numbers which the administration says will be lower than they would like.

Democrats are hearing from constituents that have been affected by the wave of cancellations of people's individuals policies, and this is after the president promised that if you like your plan, you can keep it.

The president defended all of that last night.

Tell us what he said.

He was here in washington meeting with a group of supporters and what he said was the administration could not, in good faith, let americans keep inferior plans that would not meet requirements under the affordable care act.

He said americans could keep their plan if it did not change once the law was passed.

He said if they allowed that, they would have broken the bigger promise of making sure americans do not face financial ruin if they get sick, they can sure they are not one illness away from financial ruin.

This was a health-care summit, a spinoff from his campaign organizing for action, heart of a program to get his most loyal supporters, donors, to get out and robustly defend the law.

The resident promised the website would be fixed by the end of november, and that is a promise that marilyn tavener will be grilled on today.

Xd why.

-- thank you.

Friday payroll report is much less important than spreading disinflation.

Michael mckee has the real deal on lower prices.

Inflation could be a real deal.

More bad news from europe.

Producer prices there are down almost 1% over the last year, and that follows the consumer price report that was a cold slap in the face with eurozone prices rising just .7% in october, way below the 2% target of the ecb, dangerously close to inflation.

I do not want to get all cliched

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