Obama Courts Celebrities to Push Health Care

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Manhattan Institute's Avik Roy and Ketchum's Nick Ragone discusses the Affordable Health Care Act with Trish Regan reports on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

I will start with you.

They need 27 million young people by 2014. 2.7 million young people by 2014. are they going to be able to make this deadline?

It will depend on whether they can convince these young people that these packages are a good deal for them.

The reason everyone is nervous is because the way that the affordable care act is structured it requires young healthy people to pay two times as much as they would normally spend it to subsidize the cost for the elderly or sick.

A young person today who might spend $74 a month is going to have spent $300 on health insurance under the new system.

That is what i want to try to convince using celebrities and sports agencies for these people to sign up.

Don't young people not have a choice?

If you do not sign up, you will pay a penalty.

You are, but the penalty is much smaller than the cost of health insurance.

Let's say that the penalty is $500 for year as opposed to $3,000 for health insurance and you know you can get free care in the emergency room.

Does this sound like a good plan to you?

Getting these celebrities on board?

I do not know it on jovi is still relevant to twentysomething's. funny or die might be.

They might be.

They are trying to reach out to this cohort that does not want to be marketed to end are tough to market to because they are not watching television, and it is extremely complicated.

Health insurance is complicated to begin with.

All of the changes happening with the affordable care at to make it even more complicated.

Is there a more subtle way to approach it?

As you said the top, 2.7 million young people are needed, a group that normally would not have insurance, they need to get them involved, educate them, explain why they have to do this and not just take the penalty and then pass the information along to their friends.

I think the white house is being smart to reach a group of people that do not like to marketed to.

It is not going to work without these young people on board.

They need the young people to pay more for health insurance to subsidize so that sicker and elderly people will not.

Last week as recline had an expensive piece describing the obama administration and of what they perfected in the 2012 campaign to reach out to young voters, using that same technique they've.

They might be able to get some is powerful in the other direction.

Whacks you make a good point.

President obama has done a heck of a job marketing to young people.

The youth vote was very important for him both times around.

Do you think they will respond positively?

President obama have much of the most successful start-ups of all time because he reached young people in a way that he had not before.

Obviously, financial incentives worked against young people in some cases, but they are being smart in strategically trying to reach out humor sides, celebrities, social media, to try to drive that conversation.

They are then going to need to talk.

The coal port is going to have to talk to each other in a peer to peer way.

That is the top part.

The initial wave of reaching out is tough, having them carry the message to their cohorts in colleagues?

That is where the white house is going to need to sustain more than reaching out to bonn jovi.

We are effectively months away from this being implemented.

Is it too little, too late?

It is late in the game.

If they had started much earlier i do not know how much that would have resonated.

As we all know, we wait until the last minute to do things.

If we get a concentrated campaign to social media sites, it will make some impact.

Will it get all the people enrolled?

I do not know.

If it was back in the spring and might not have had the focus the effort we need right now.

What you are going to see with the exchange is six people signing up right away, the coverage for them is going to be highly subsidized.

Every sixth person who becomes aware of the exchange is going to sign up -- every sixth person who becomes aware of the exchange is going to sign -- every secivk % -- sick person who becomes aware of the exchange is going to sign up, and if that is not balanced out it becomes a death spiral.

Do not want that.

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