NSA Surveillance Is Being Debated in Tech: Doerr

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Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers General Partner John Doerr discusses NSA surveillance and big data at TechCrunch' Disrupt San Francisco 2013 event. He speaks on Bloomberg Television' "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

I'm concerned that the government is looking at as much data committee fact that silicon valley seems to be complying with it, although that is arguable.

I looked at how concerned mass populations might react in knowing that they are being surveilled by the government and how that can drive countries crazy.

Do you share these concerns?

Are you less concerned?

I am concerned about this.

This is a top issue and highly debated.

My perspective on this, michael, is today a september 11, and i like to think of myself as a sort of patriotic, red blooded american who believes in technology executives, all citizens of being involved in our government.

I think this is being debated.

I know it is happening.

Obama has appointed a special commission.

I have been in missions with ceo's of yahoo!

And facebook and google and microsoft, i am a member of this techno- organization, which before this news broke was advertising that we -- advocating that we update privacy laws in the country.

It is a serious and important issue.

I think -- with the appropriate safeguards -- now i am speaking as a citizen, i am comfortable with people knowing the to and from of my phone calls.

I'm comfortable with people knowing, with the appropriate safeguards, where my e-mails have been sent or not.

I believe ever since i started using a credit card, my privacy is in the hands of someone else.

They know where i've been, what i bought, the price, all of that.

That is a choice i am making.

It is a trade-off.

I think we have got to have an independent and rigorous judicial oversight of the executive authority.

I think less unchecked the bureaucrats and executive authorities will certainly go too far.

I think he was earning this week to see google and microsoft, who hardly ever agree on anything, be joined by yahoo!

And amazon, i think within the next, to sue -- i figure it's facebook.

Facebook, not amazon, to sue the federal government to insist on more disclosure oh.

They were petitioning the fisa court.

The way i see it is we did not have the nsa to protect us from these creative enemies, and we end up in a situation that is far worse than if we just chilled out a little bit.

When i just abolish the nsa?

I assume you would be in favor of that.

No, i'm not in favor of that.

But i'm not in favor of the premise that the government creates enemies.

Did bush?

I think a man -- america's standing in the world was at an all-time low during the bush of administration.

Obama, regardless of who i support it, the data it show that america's standing in the world showed up.

And that is good.

I appreciate your outlook on this, and the y for your time.

All right, john.

-- and thank you for your time.

[applause] venture capitalist at john doerr of kleiner perkins at tech crunch disrupt with techcrunch cofounder michael arrington talking about some of his favorite investments ranging from fitness tech, security, talking about recently joined the board of zynga.

Clutter perkins of course a huge -- kleiner perkins of course a huge investor in zynga.

He think the founder, mark pincus, will give mattrick the space he needs to lead.

Also talking about nsa and surveillance of american citizens thing he is comfortable with the appropriate safeguards of the government knowing who he is e-mailing, who he is calling, but that there should be rigorous oversight.

I want to bring in our editor- at-large, cory johnson, who is standing by at tech crunch.

What do you make of doerr's, today?

John doerr is one of my

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