NSA Develops Ability to Crack Web Encryption

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Sept. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Allan Holmes discusses reports that the NSA has cracked encryption technologies used to protect online communications. He speaks with Erik Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Nsa -- cooperating with the nsa.

It did not describe the intent they are using it.

Houses impact tech information?

Joining me now from washington is alan holmes, editor for bloomberg government 31st of all, how are these revelations anymore agree just then the revelations before?

Emily, what they were doing before his downloading large amounts of communications, e- mails, going in and downloading information and databases, and then sifting through that to find connections.

What they do have done now, the latest reports is that they have cracked the code, the encryption code on some of these messages and even documents that have been just widens the net so much more and goes to the very heart of what the internet can do.

Can you trust and he internet to make e-commerce work?

It just widens the number of companies that can be affected -- banks, health care companies, anybody that uses encryption, which is almost every money in the u.s. of the way the "new york times" tells a story that the government had persuaded if not coursed some companies into giving them these encryption keys.

What kind of companies are we talking about here?

Well, again, like you said at the top, they did not name names, but you know what companies are involved in encryption keys.

You have a rsa enc, you have symantec, mcafee, you talk about it coursed in these companies -- what they are saying is they are just following the law, they are following the request, i think yahoo!

Came out this morning saying they did block some requests, but it is the household names, companies that you know that are being asked to give up this information and give up the keys.

What he imagine is going on behind the scenes of the u.s. government now?

The report said not name the cubbies, whether or not the media agencies know what companies we are talking about remains to be seen.

But what you imagine is going on behind the scenes to troublesome this -- to troubleshoot this?

And this with a bombshell here in d.c. yesterday.

We try to get a lot, and, a lot of people waited before they came in.

But cody and odni, the office of the director of national intelligence, they oversee all 16 national intelligence offices here in washington, they came out with a statement this morning saying hey, we have been doing this all along, this is what we do, we have been doing this since 1952 when the nsa was founded.

Why are you so surprised?

And face of -- the report is going to hurt our intelligence gathering going forward.

They say it is targeted, they are not sifting through everybody's e-mail, everybody's documents.

It gives an impression that they can.

That is an oppression that things are no longer safe anymore.

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