NL MVP McCutchen Talks Selig & His Famous Dreads

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May 9 (Bloomberg) -- National League MVP Andrew McCutchen, center fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, discusses Major League Baseball's partnership with T-Mobile, his thoughts on outgoing MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and his famous dreads. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

League has.

Thank you.

Let's move from basketball to baseball.

Earlier i got a chance to sit down with the most valuable player.

And major league partnership with the wireless carrier, t-mobile.

Mlb and t-mobile are partnering to give fans the opportunity to vote for a game changing play that happened that day.

The way they do that is gone to have that opportunity to use social media.

You vote for a top play that happens.

It can be anything.

A homerun that was hit, or someone coming out of the bullpen.

Let's talk about playing centerfield.

You are batting 317 now.

What are the prospects for pittsburgh?

We are going to do well.

We are not having the best run we want to have.

It is early.

We are to perform at a high level.

Your haircut has attracted a lot of attention.

I don't think dreadlocks have been more popular in baseball.

Tell us about your brand.

It is really something i just started in the minor leagues.

The way i started him of the way i couldn't find a barber.

I don't like people just cutting my hair.

I like to go to someone who has been doing it.

I couldn't find one.

You couldn't find a barber in north carolina?

No i couldn't. i didn't know a career that well.

I didn't want to get lost.

I just like to do it on my own.

Mother, did find one, i had an afro.

I just thought, i'm going to grow it out and see where it goes.

That is how it ended up how it is.

This is not only your signature now, doesn't mean you can't cut your hair?

I guess so.

This is what makes me andrew.

This makes me unique.

I have commercials talking about my hair.

Everyone wearing dreads -- dreadlocks.

It is one of those things where i guess i have to keep it for a while.

Eventually i got to cut it.

You are in pittsburgh.

You just signed a contract.

Would you rather be in a bigger market?

Like los angeles or new york?

What is it like being that kind of star and a market like pittsburgh?

I love everything about pittsburgh.

It is nice from the city to the fans to the team.

It is great.

I don't see myself anywhere else.

This is where i wanted to be.

I see something in this team that others may not.

That is just as moving in the right direction, continuing to improve.

We have some guys that are going to come up and open a lot of eyes when they get the opportunity.

I've seen everything about this organization.

I love being here.

Let's talk about those other sports getting attention in the news.

One of them, the mba clippers.

-- the nba clippers.

Do you have reaction of what happened with the comments by donald sterling and the ban by the nba?

All i have to say is the commissioner did what he felt needed to do.

He acted upon it and acted upon it quickly and try to resolve the issue.

The nba can move on.

That is what they did.

I'm in support of what the commissioner did.

Moving on, the last time he is going to be stepping down as the commissioner avenue -- of baseball.

Any thoughts on who you would like to take his place?

I don't necessarily know who is going to come.

No one really knows.

Just someone who is like god -- likeb bud.

Being open to change if needed.

Just making the game positive.

Making it in a way that we are improving every single year.

As we are doing now.

What is more nerve-racking?

Lang centerfield, leading a team to the playoffs, or proposing to your fiance on television?

Proposing, by far.

Times 100. definitely.

That was the most nerve-racking thing i have done.

I'm getting sweaty palms thinking about it.

That was definitely nerve-racking.

I told my fiancee, i would rather be in the world series down by one with bases-loaded and i'm up to bat, in that situation, then do that again.

It was a lot of fun.

I'm going to regret for the rest

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