Nike and Adidas Battle for Top Soccer Brand

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July 10 (Bloomberg) -- New York University School of Business Professor Scott Galloway discusses who won the battle of branding at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Galloway speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

At the end of the day there were 13 people who died.

Nike, that on brazil and the netherlands and they are out.

Brendan, you have been living and breathing the world cup.

What is the adidas victory mean?

It is hard to oversell how much nike was counting on a brazilian victory, or at least brazilian glory.

When i spoke to nike executives a couple months ago, they said things like if nike were acco -- were a country, nike would be brazil.

The brazil implosion is devastating to nike.

Adidas has got both finalists.

That is great news for adidas.

I have to say i was completely wrong about this.

I wrote a cover story about this for "business week" and said that nike was making the smarter play.

It was running commercials loosely affiliated with the world cup.

Adidas was paying $70 million or to be associated with fifa and that was throwing the money away.

I was wrong.

Nike's approach -- you are an honest man, brendan greeley.

Banking on stars did not worked because all of nike's stars flamed out.

The only one who acquitted himself well was tim howard of the u.s. and he is not in the finals.

One of the stars that came out, the adidas ball.

Scott galloway, you are the marketing expert.

Stroke of brilliance.

The ball was tweeting.

And i would argue the biggest genius and the world cup the last 12 years -- oh, yeah, whenever they hold up -- wait, what are we talking about?


Whenever they pulled the time clock -- they hold the thing up -- they didn't pay a lot of money.

The more interesting story is what happens to the pricing are the sponsorship deals around fifa because there has been fairly negative advertising.

When nike purposely announces that we are not in negotiations, that lowers the market, because they basically announced to adidas, it is all yours.

I wonder if the prices are coming down.

I think we have probed the end of the money that nike is willing to throw it soccer.

They threw money at france 3 years ago, which had not performed well at all in the last world cup.

It was the largest amount ever paid for national team jersey.

It was because it was a national team jersey that was up for sale.

Scarlet and i were talking about wearables.

The nike brand -- it came out of advertising.

The age-old question of it soccer is finally going to catch on.

I was watching the game with a bunch of french guys and they said it won't in the u.s. because you can put advertising.

The advertising on the jerseys do a lot -- 100%. the ultimate branded wearable.

A lot of people talk about could this reignite soccer in the u.s. the nfl season kicked off but did anybody know?

What this is doing is increasing the popularity of the world cup.

I'm not sure that translates to increased popularity in soccer.

Possibly, for me, the most interesting data point is that fox sports has picked up a contract for the german bunds leader in 2015. they play amazing soccer there but the fact that they are willing to make that investment to me is huge.

Live sports are the last little white meat of the advertising business.

If hockey is getting tv contracts -- even hockey is

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