New Australian Government Trails in Polls

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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Paul Allen reports on the Australian Labor Party leading Tony Abbot’s Liberal Party in the 2 Party Preferred poll. He speaks to Angie Lau on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The opposition labor party is ahead in the opinion polls.

Let's get over to paul allen in sydney.

Apollo, an early wake-up call for the prime minister here.

Yes, angie.

It certainly was very quick.

He hasn't even reached the 100- day milestone since the september 7 election could already, the labor party is out with the lead, 52% to the governing liberal party's 48%. that is the first time the australian labor party has led in the two-party preferred pole for three years.

It is a very significant developments.

Indeed, if you drill down into the numbers are little further, the primary vote, the labor party is up 4%, but the liberal party is down the 5% down to 41%. the greens are up 2% to 11%. it is interesting because tony abbott, the prime minister, has been attempting to frame the election as a referendum on the carbon tax.

He has since been making good on his promise to introduce legislation to repeal that.

However, the poll also shows that just 12% of the electorate favor the direct action plan on the carbon tax, while most people do want it repealed, 40% of the electorate prefer a carbon tax or a trading scheme instead.

It is more likely that the election was a referendum on four years of dysfunction from the outgoing labor party.

We, of course, had the well- publicized battles between the two former prime ministers, julia gillard and kevin rudd.

They are now both gone from the house of representatives.

Kevin rudd resigned as empty a couple of weeks ago.

Now we have a new labor leader bill shorten able to preside over a united liberal party.

He made a very strong debut.

He has an approval rating of 41%. that is up 21%. the good news for the liberal government is tony abbott's approval rating is still pretty strong, up to 49%. isn't that the problem, when voters head to the polls and vote against something, not necessarily for something?

Another point is it hasn't been an ideal start for the new government.

We have been talking about this tension ratcheting up with indonesia.

That's quite right.

That did happen on the previous government's watch, though, the spying on the indonesian president, her phone.

It happened under the labor government.

But the response has all been liberal government's. it has left much to be desired.

An act of contrition might have stopped this serious problem from turning into the full-blown crisis it has now become.

Tony abbott has a patch of job on his hands.

The government was barely a few weeks old when and expenses scandal blew up.

In particular, there was one mp who was trying to claim electoral expenses for a flight to cannes.

If you know your australian geography, you know those several thousand kilometers in time zones apart -- our time zones apart.

There is the current debate over the debt ceiling.

While it doesn't threaten to create a shutdown as it does in the u.s., the labor party is attempting to shrink any increase in the debt ceiling to 400 billion, making the government come back to the table again as the 2016 election is due.

There is some politics played there, as well.

There is also some reluctance from the labor party now to waive the carbon tax repeal through both houses of parliament.

There is a blockade in the senate.

There is going to be a real fight on tony abbott's hands to get that signature piece of legislation repealed.

It is a tough road ahead for the governing coalition.

Certainly, the honeymoon, as we

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