Netflix Expands Reach to U.K. in Unique Pay-TV Deal

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Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Industries director of U.S. research Paul Sweeney examines Netflix teaming up with Virgin Media to offer original programming via pay-TV in the United Kingdom. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

On the bloomberg "ewest" radar, microsoft.

Shares are slightly higher.

The company will likely face tough questions.

All of this coming as microsoft searches for a replacement for steve ballmer.

And maybe hard to find a leader who brings as much enthusiasm to the stage.

There is a look at the craziest moments.

How much do you think in advance operating market is worth?

It is just $99. developers, developers.



looks tiring.

Software giant meeting with analysts today to discuss finances and the ceo succession question.

For more, i want to bring in a bloomberg contributing editor.

Safe to say we may not see someone quite as oyster us as steve ballmer.

Clearly that is the biggest question right now.

Do you expect them to eliminate anyone?

I did not.

The closest we will probably get is a party line that this has been in process for some time.

They will try to give every impression.

They have been pretty careful to do that.

They will face some truly parse question.

Obviously the ballmer succession thing.

The stock over the past decade or so.

What would you push them the hardest on right now?

I mean, at least three things.

One of them is realistically, what are the plans?

Not obvious that it is anything other than its attempt to bring in a back of ceo.

The kind of transaction that always makes investors nervous.

The fundamental problem of the ability to energize the business.

Where is the growth story going forward?

Continued flatlining in the pc business.

How does microsoft turned back to a growth stock?

What is interesting is as these questions are plaguing and taking over microsoft, they have made some of these moves right before they are about to lose the ceo.

You mentioned nokia that they announce the share buyback.

There seems to be -- news out yesterday about the xbox and perhaps moves there on the television and original content.

Certainly not at a standstill, even though there are questions over the growth.

I would characterize that as scattered and frantic.

Very little to do with the core business.

You are doing a transaction to fill a part of the business while final -- simultaneously bring in a candidate potentially to be ceo.

Everything else is engineering.

The bloomberg contributing editor.

Microsoft not only tech giants we are watching.

Other senior executives at apple.

Pickup the latest edition.

Coming up, kevin spacey is set to steam his way into more european homes of the house of cards politicians star.

Inside the global push.

? the battle between paid tv and streaming has taken a new turn.

Here with more on the global outlook as -- paul sweeney.

Tell us what is going on.

Sounds like netflix is taking original content and making deals to put it on pay tv channels.

They really are.

An unusual arrangement.

With virgin media and the u.k.. they are bringing it on to the virgin media cablesystems.

This marks the first time consumers can get access to the network programming outside or off of the internet and get directly from the pay-tv provider.

Really a unique way for virgin media to try to differentiate themselves as a big competitor in the u.k.. doesn't make sense to you that they would do this at?

Or the u.k., i think it does make sense.

-- for the u.k., i think it does make sense.

They own pretty much all of the premier sports.

You have to think of a way to compete.

Well they probably cannot compete with the high-priced sports programming, bringing high-quality programming onto the virgin media platform, i think from a marketing perspective make sense.

What about back here in the united states?

Could we see similar deals or only unique to the european market?

I think eventually we will see deals with the u.s. pay-tv providers.

I think right now probably not so much.

I think one of the key issues is the fact that they are losing video customers to some of the over-the-top video subscribers.

You could very well see some type of collaboration with the players.

How does that change netflix and the business model?

It is all about gaining subscribers.

There are obviously huge players in the u.s.. for them, it is a subscriber growth story.

A story that they can pick up an incremental 4 million subscribers from virgin media.

I think that is a strategy in the near.

Thank you.

All sweeney, director of u.s. research and go to of all things media.

Julie hyman to talk about facebook going to washington.

Imagine this conversation, founder and ceo of facebook, mark zuckerberg, sitting down and talking about immigration with john boehner.

Majority leader eric cantor.

Kevin deckard needs.

Basically a whole list.

-- kevin mccartney.

They want tech talent to be able to come here, educated here and start business here.

It ends up being good for american citizens.

I imagine that will be on the top of the agenda, at least one of the points mark zuckerberg makes.

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