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Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) –- U.S. Weekly’s Gwen Flamberg discusses how Oprah, Gwyneth Paltrow, LeAnn Rimes and Tori Spelling each have a list of must-have gifts that can help you if you’re stumped with your last minute purchases. She speaks to Adam Johnson and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Last-minute gift ideas?

Opera, when it, lien -- leanna and, tori.

They all have their list.

Oprah is legendary when it comes to gifts.

What is on her list?

A little bit more down to earth than in the past.

When she had the show, it was about a car or a lavish trip.

Now it is down to earth.

Down to earth is a $2700 diamond watch.

This is what she is giving to some of her friends?

These are things that everyone on your list might want.

It is more about inspiration.

If you want to get something super lavish, there are some lovely food items like tropical popcorn.

She was popcorn.

She likes popcorn.

So many of the items our troubles.

-- truffles.

Who doesn't like truffles?

We had man rhymes on the program -- leanne rhimes on the program the other day.

What is on her list, and xbox?

It is a great lesson for a great stepmom who really wants to wow the new step kids.

That will do it.

That is quite a gift.

It is kind of like the lifestyles of hollywood kid.

They were running out of white ones last year.

He said they were having them shipped in.

Let me ask a question.

Celebrities, when they come out and they say this is what you should give for christmas, that has a big impact on the company itself.

Is there anything behind the scenes that is going on, in terms of exchanges because for someone to come out and give this endorsement -- not that i know of for celebrity gift rides -- guides.

Some of them talk about items that are part of the company.

But she created a very special and targeted gift guide that she endorsed.

Chino would be exactly right for that person -- she knew it would be exactly right for the person getting the gift.

On blogs, celebrities like to just throw out their most extravagant items.

Everybody loves to hate gwyneth paltrow and goo.

She suggested and amaze -- her mes stocking stuffer.

People love to hate her.

But if you want to live like a celebrity -- she is basically playing to her groupies.

If you can't afford the hermes acrd card set by another item.

What are these charms for 3600 bucks?

It is not platinum or dimon -- diamond.

It is like a charm bracelet that jingles.

Tori spelling, what did she want?

She of the most expensive house in beverly hills.

They have a wrapping room in the house.

The gift guide was actually very down-to-earth things.

She suggested a new tablet by qooq.

I thought it was because there were recipes on their.

But that is just me.

Make no mistake.

For somebody like tori who grow up in that bracket, the gifts are very like that.

Dishy of a brand though?

You look at her brand versus gwyneth paltrow's brand.

Her brand is more about em family.

I think it depends who you are buying for.

I think it depends who the customer is.

I think people will pay anything if that is what they want.

The us weekly beauty editor.

I learned something today.

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