Former Patriots Cheerleader Dishes on Tom Brady

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Dec. 30 (Bloomberg) –- Today’s “Mystery Guest” is former NFL cheerleader Alyssa Tosoni. She speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

All right, it is mystery guest monday, i have no idea who my next guest is, but my users have given us a few clues.

My mystery guest's team has posted a winning record 13 seasons in a row.

The travel schedule of my this or guest has included london as well as rock -- a rock, and back-to-back accomplished was in the nfl.

Let's bring them out.

I do not think you're going to look at all like this . you do not play football, do you?

Are you associated with football?


13 consecutive, are you english?


did you go to iraq to entertain the us military?

You are part of the uso to her -- tour.

You are in london, but did not late football -- play football.

Are you a cheerleader?

You are cheerleader for a current team that has played recently london?

Are you a cheerleader for the tampa bay buccaneers?

Iua cheerleader for the burgh steelers?

Are you cheerleader for the new england patriots?

You are on the field with them on wimbley stadium that -- in london?

I just went for appearances.

I do not know who you are, but can let -- but congratulations.

Lsi, very nice to have you -- allyssa, very i to have you.

I dance competitively, and i missed performing muscle i heard about the tryouts, and i knew some of my friends who are cheering, and i made it.

I cheered in the seasons of 2000 and 20,010, and now i live in your city.


One of the things that happens with cheerleaders as they have grander image of their own.

Calendars, things like that, what have you done to further your own career?

I have a health food blog.

I pursue the healthy living, and active lifestyle, so does called spinach for breakfast.

Like popeye?


I started it with my sister, and it is about healthy living and eating clean.

Balancing it with a social life in your city, and living in new york city in your 20's. go back to your you parents for the uso to let terri -- to door appearance on the uso tour.

We went to iraq and kuwait, and it was an amazing experience.

I might have got more out of it than the troops themselves.

We're traveled from base to base, and visit the troops, and cheer them on, bring them a little bit of home.

The trip to iraq but did that change your feeling about what you wanted to do in life?

It is crazy, because i was so young, 19 and a sophomore in college, thinking about the next party.

It really opened up my eyes for what people do for this country and the world.

And humbled me a lot and made me a better person.

How rigorous is the cheerleading part of it?

It looks easy on television.

Lots of practicing, we put a lot of hours into it.

Who comes up with the routines?

Are coach and our captain.

Every sunday we switch out word -- which routines we do.

Do cheerleaders go from team to team?


I'm a friend who went to the jets.

Do you have a favorite player or team?

I will always love the patriots, i am a huge tom brady fan.

I grow watching teddy briski, so i was able to watch and charity events with him.

He will always be one of my favorites.

What a way to do for the super bowl?

I hope i will be going to the super bowl, in the stands.

Great to meet you.

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