More Calls for VA Secretary Shinseki to Resign

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May 30 (Bloomberg) -- Representative Steve Israel of New York, the top Democrat in charge of U.S. House campaigns, said it’s time for embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki to step down. Former Democratic Representative Martin Frost and Former Republican Representative Tom Davis weigh in on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Davis of virginia.

Thank you so much.

It has been a wild sent to the bin here.

Mark, let me start with you.

The rising number of democrats are calling for shinseki's resignation.

Should it have come sooner?

Well, look, shinseki is a decent human being.

He served our country very loyally.

This is a real problem for the president.

I do not know how he will handle it.

The reason you have so many democrats coming out is that veterans are very active in their communities politically.

They talk to people on both sides of the aisle.

They are very important constituencies.

Democrats are responding to a lot of the veterans of recent wars -- are minorities.

Some of the older veterans tend to be white and have also been active politically.

This is a very important group to most officeholders.

This is a tragedy, what has happened.

It has to be rectified.

The president will have to make the call.

Should he make the call today?

It is up to him.

That is his decision.

General shinseki wanted an opportunity to try to do something about this.

To lay out a plan of what could be done.

It should not be a great surprise.

Both sides are angry about this.

It has nothing to do with the quality of the man.

He has served our country very ably.

This is a political call.

It has to be rectified as quickly as possible.

The fact that he has such a storied career, tom, do the republicans have to be a little careful here in pouncing on him?

And the conduct of the veterans affairs bureau?

I don't think so.

As martin noted, this is a bipartisan hang up right now.

It offers democrat, who have marginal seats where the president's numbers are bad, this gives them some separation from the president.

The sooner they make this change, the better off they are.

They have to show some progress.

They have gotten rid of a gs8 administrator who is doing a good job.

There was a party in las vegas that she did not know about.

I think that this is inevitable.

Probably, the sooner, the better.

How does that happen?

How does it happen that something like this that is so systemic does not get to the very top?

Well, let me say, the v.a. has been a problem for years in these areas.

I think it is the lack of attention.

Government is very difficult to manage.

The agency has been very hard to manage.

Shinseki has been a great secure the top.

Underneath, there have been a lot of problems.

You have veterans coming back and you do not have infrastructure to support that.

I think this was inevitable to some extent.

Again, no one is questioning the integrity of general shinseki.

The veterans department has been a problem in both administrations.

It is a very cumbersome bureaucracy.

It is hard to get handle on.

And i think it is something that the president has to speak out forcefully on.

He has to find an honorable way for general shinseki to leave if that is what he wants to do.

He is a hero, he lost a leg in vietnam.

He is been chief of staff of the army.

No one questions his ability.

He has managed a very hard bureaucracy.

Really quickly, from your home state of texas -- we did a story about how the democrats are making a big push to turn texas from red to purple by bringing out the hispanic voters.

Do they have a fighting chance in the selection?

It is a self-leveling prophecy that we cannot win a statewide elections if we do not run anybody.

We have a good candidate who will make a strong race.

It is uphill, but we will see how it turns out.

We have a good ticket and a good candidate.

A good candidate for governor and a good candidate for attorney general.

We will make good strides in the selection.

Whether we accomplish it, no one knows.

This will be a purple state, with no one knows when.

How do republicans keep that stronghold?

Texas rainout is overwhelmingly republican.

From martin's comments, you can pierce through it and see that this is probably not going to be the year for a breakout.

The demographics are very strong.

There is a rising minority vote, but nowhere near the numbers they need to be competitive at this point.

It could be.

Hispanic turnout has been very low.

We could increase it and have a good shot.

Thank you so much.

Tom davis and martin frost, thank you very much for joining us.

We will be back in two minutes.


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