Mobli Brings Social Link to Global Photo Sharing

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Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Moshe Hogeg, founder & CEO at Mobli, talks with Anna Edwards about his company’s quest to combine the sharing photos with a social platform and the celebrity investors the company has attracted, including Carlos Slim’s recent $60 million investment in the company. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Money carlos slim has injected into your business?

Good to be here.

It is a good question.

What we intend to do with the latest investment is to grow our business.

Doing some serious marketing aspects and developing our visual -- our vision of the company.

Telesat -- tell us where you fit into the landscape of photo and video sharing websites.

How are you different from someone like instagram?

We are coming from completely different places.

Instagram started with the mobile photos.

They wanted to make them look better, invented the filters.

That was brilliant.

Mobli comes from a different place.

We came from a place, we understood everything was around the world.

Someone taking a photo or a video.

If you think about it, we have eyes everywhere.

We wanted to connect the eyes and give you eyes that allow you to see anything you want to see in almost real-time.

You can go to new york, madison square garden and see photos or videos in real time.

Again, when we started this and when instagram started, it was almost three years ago.

Back then, there was no service that allow you to know the timestamp and the location stamp.

We did -- the first flaw in building -- the first flow was building a photo and video sharing platform.

The difference was coming from the fact that we are focusing not only on following people in our photo sharing platform, but also on following places and subjects.

We say, mr.

Slim, it is a visual search engine.

How did you manage to get celebrity names on board as investors?

Did you have to go and find them?

We did not go and -- to say that we did not go out and get them would be a lie.

We dared to dream.

We wanted to get those people.

And we went and tried to get meetings with them.

We had a lot of luck to even get them to listen to us.

When you have a great vision and people connect to your vision, and you have a very hard-working team, you can do this.

The main thing was that mr.

Slim, mr.

Dicaprio, and the rest of our investors believed in the execution capabilities of our team.

Well done you for having the guts to go and ask mr.

Dicaprio for the money.

It sounds like it was a strategy that worked well.

Moshe hogeg, ceo and founder of mobli.

What is coming up next on "the pulse"? angela merkel on her feet at the economic conference.

She will be sitting down, mario draghi will stand up.

We will have a listen to hear what he has to say.

Yesterday there were rumors of a deposit rate cut from the ecb.

Will he reference that?

We will bring you the event as it happens.

We will tweet about this, follow us both on twitter, i am @guyjohnsontv.

Anna, @annaedwardsnews.

We will be back in a few minutes.

Angela merkel is just sitting down.

She has just walked off the stage, there you go.

Mario draghi, coming up next

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