Merkel Seeks Coalition Partner on Record Victory

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Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg international correspondent Hans Nichols reports on the options for German Chancellor Angela Merkel in forming a coalition government, following her victory of a third term by the biggest vote tally since Helmut Kohl’s post-reunification victory of 1990. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

But not a majority.

So she may go green.

That is the by this morning from officials.

They're opening up the possibility of forming with the greed and not as speedy that could scramble things that make for an interesting discussion going forward.

I want you to explain with the brandenburg gate behind you, how this is about east germany and west germany, but even coming out of world war ii, why are the germans so focused on coalition politics instead of the winner actually winning?

Coalition politics it's it consists -- gets it consists is building.

She is not going to be able to rewrite a lot of any sort of laws.

Look at the -- angela merkel is very much from the east and that has influenced and informed her entire approach to the crisis in the eurozone.

It is step-by-step and operating countries forward before they're ready.

When you look at the glidepath and merkel telegraphed there would be a third bailout for greece, it is a step-by-step approach.

It is austerity, a little bit of austerity and a little bit of growth.

But the fundamental path of the trajectory want change and she has been given a huge endorsement for her approach to both the domestic economy and the entire eurozone crisis.

Add to that note, tell us what is on the agenda.

It is not just greece, they have to work out of banking union.

Banking union greece and then energy.

Merkel is trying to win the country off nuclear power.

When you look at their production cost, their energy costs, some 30% higher than their neighbors.

It was five for the big companies, because they get rebates.

If you're going to win your company move toward renewable, that increases production costs for manufacturing-based economy, which is a huge challenge.

That is one of her top priorities.

That is why coalition potentially with the green to be fascinating.

In some ways, they're on the same page.

Not on tax policy or family, but on energy, their similarity.

Hans nichols, thank you, joining us from berlin this morning.

Joining us, bloomberg contributing editor with the new yorker magazine, nick thompson joins us.

This is fascinating.

Ed kinard joins us, author of " unintended consequences," strong mitt romney supporter.

This as washington migrates toward -- there was one point were i saw kenya, pakistan, some other place with terrorist activity.

This is still a new world for america, isn't it.

I think the third massacre was in iraq.

The one that struck people the most was the kenyan massacre because it was armed militants in a shopping mall shooting everybody.

There's a lot we can talk about

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