Merkel’s Turn to Talk Business on Xi’s Europe Visit

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March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s David Tweed reports on today’s meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese President Xi Jinping as talks may center on the renminbi trade on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.”


Another red carpet for chinese president xi jinping, this time he is in berlin where are your editor david tweed is following his visit area david, what from where i am sitting, the special relationship usually refers to something that stretches across atlantic heard from where you're sitting, and first to something different or tell us about it and why.

It does, it is something that is being used in the last couple of years to describe the relationship between germany and china.

It is special on two levels.

One is a political level, because angela merkel, let's face it, she's been around longer than any other european leader.

She has got good personal links with some of the top brass in china.

She is actually going there later this year in the summer.

Then they will have the second of two joint cabinet meetings here in berlin, where the chinese cabinet members come over and sit down and have a joint meeting him after which one would expect a slew of things.

The other level, of course, is economic.

Germany's trade relationship with china is vast.

140 billion per year.

That is the same as the u.k., italy and france together.

There were reports, david, that the president wanted to visit the holocaust museum.

Why is that not going ahead?

This is something that germany's rate uncomfortable about how china is using its relationship.

Yes, they wanted to go with angela merkel to the holocaust memorial on the other side of the brandenburg gate.

Germany did not want to do that because they were concerned that the chinese would then use that as a lever to bash the japanese over the head and say that you aren't contrite, as germany was contrite for what it did during the war.

Germany doesn't want anything to do with that sword of diplomacy.

Back to the business of business, are there any big contracts in the works, then, david?

The big contract was yesterday.

That is after all a franco german company.

Look out for something having to do with frankfurt having something to do with a trading house.

The port of duisburg is the biggest in land port.

The other thing is, potentially

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