McDonald's Selling Steak Sandwiches in Menu Revamp

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Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- McDonald’s is introducing a new “thick, juicy steak” for the morning crowd, Lisa McComb, a spokeswoman for the Oak Brook, Illinois-based company, said in an e-mail. Alix Steel reports on McDonald's new menu lineup on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

This animation that don thompson has talked about has to be more about being mcwraps and breakfast after midnight.

No, it really isn't, it is about pricing and product, the barbell approach.

Mcdonald's is trying very hard to do that.

Undergoing big menu changes just in the past few weeks.

Just started selling chicken wings yesterday for a limited time.

The new egg white sandwich.

And also announcing you can get a steak on any breakfast sandwich, which, by the way, is a higher cost savings.

The goal is to get more people in the store or to get people to pay up.

Sales rose primarily -- in europe and france.

Now just tracking one percent out of -- as of last quarter.

What is the concern, that mcdonald's is getting too big to grow?

One of the big concerns.

One analyst speculated on that point.

Mcdonald's is bill the behemoth in the fast food landscape, with 14,000 restaurants in the u.s.. more than double worldwide.

It feeds about 70 million people a day.

More pair -- more visit mcdonald's than a walmart.

2.5 million dollars per restaurant, one million more than its peers.

All of these are very impressive numbers.

But it is just not getting better than that.

That is the issue.

It is missing that home run, that universal selling higher- priced product.

Analysts say all of the new items can really strain operations and actually confused -- confuse the customers.

You hear a lot about competition.

More people eat at mcdonald's and burger king, but there is competition coming from chipotle , from the chicken only fast food restaurants.

Is that also eating away at shares?

Really the specialty stores have become an issue.

Also the macro issue is a problem.

Same-store sales at fast mood is well correlated to jobs growth.

Peter from chelsea advisory group saying when jobs grow, so will sales across the board, but it is just not happening yet.

Dollar menu tempting across the board, -- 12% of sales of fast food companies come from the dollar menu but it does not help grow revenue, betty.

Iq so much, alix steel.

A reminder, catch my entire exclusive interview with mcdonald's ceo don thompson, head to or download our app.

This versus that -- amazon versus paypal, how and where do you spend money.

This is amazon, the world's largest online retailer.

It has something every brick- and-mortar retailer would have, a way to recognize shoppers when they walk into the stores.

For amazon, it it is called -- if shoppers walk into the website.

That is paypal, ebay's heymans unit.

Paypal unveiled a gadget called beacon which plugs into a wall socket and allow stores to identify paypal users to -- as they walk in.

Part of a plan to encourage shoppers to use their phones to pay rather than the credit card.

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