Markets Could Sell Off on Russian Risk: Nakisa

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July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Ramin Nakisa, deputy asset allocation head at UBS Investment Bank, talks with Anna Edwards about the latest round of sanctions against Russia from the United States and European Union and how geopolitical risk from the standoff may prompt a market selloff. He speaks on “On The Move.”

Allocation director at ubs.

It is interesting to see sanctions escalating.

The u.s. and eu kept warning this would happen.

Were you expecting this?

The sanctions really hurt.

I'm half iranian.

Those sanctions were effective.

Perhaps more so than military action.

They will have to pay attention.

It's also about the general business climate this creates.

I spent two days at an air show, where was clear that there were not as many visitors to the russian displays.

Tiit is good timing.

We cut our equity by 2/3 this morning.

There are many mispricing is in the market.

. like a wildfire, you can see a lot of dry grass.

You do not know when the fire is going to break out.

This kind of geopolitical risk is the thing that could set off

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