Mark Cuban Not Liable in SEC Insider Trading Suit

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- "Bottom Line" Host Mark Crumpton updates the latest news stories. (Source: Bloomberg)

This is taking stock.

Let's go to mark crumpton.

The united states economy is healing the effects of the chaos in washington.

According to s&p, the shutdown shaved .6% off yearly fourth- quarter gdp growth.

S&p sees two percent annualized growth in the fourth quarter down from three percent in september.

The shutdown is taking $24 billion out of the u.s. economy.

Toys r us has announced that antonio urselie the ceo effective immediately.

They have named hank mullaney as president starting november 5. mark cuban was not liable for insider trading nine years ago.

The sec had accused him of using nonpublic information about the canadian internet company mama.c om in a stock transaction in

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