Making Viral Videos With Van Damme, Channing Tatum

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Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- The Cheeseburger Network Founder and Ceo Ben Huh discusses viral marketing with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)


The founder and ceo of the cheeseburger network.

This van damme ad is being copied and copied.

You have had an eye for viral videos for long time.

Let's face it.

You are a pioneer.

How do you know what is going to catch on?

We often can't tell where it will come from, but we do know what will happen on a pretty regular basis.

Is it some sort of magic formula?

Are the components that you say, this is going to work?

Jean-claude van damme is somebody who is just been out of the limelight for a long time.

It almost makes it better.

And 80s comeback?

And the fact that he's belgian.

You just don't see what is going on until you get to the final piece and you almost are horrified.

Here's channing tatum who saw the video.

That is channing tatum basically copying him.

He is wearing tight jeans.

Those are shopping carts, not full vote trucks.

-- full vote trucks -- volvo trucks.

Rob ford.

What is he doing?

This guy is pretty crazy.

Maybe he is taking some chemicals to get there.

I will edit out my comments.

Let me look at another video with you.

I think we can pull this up.

How did you know or how would you guess -- it looks like earth, it looks like mars billions of years ago?

Some people think we came from mars.

Did this really happen?

This kind of video has nothing in common with the van damme video.

You are able to breakdown the components that say this is going to be a hit.

Cracks you are looking -- you were looking for the unexpected.

I know i am doing this two things are not the same but are the same kind of thing.

We looking for things that surprise us, yet still fit into our popular psychology and culture.

I want to pull up some video that when fire all on the subway.

Here we go.

How money people would let a random person sleep on them?

Honestly, that actually has happened.

Something like that has happened to me before.

It was a pregnant lady, so she was probably meeting the rest.

Not a hairy, bearded dude.

He doesn't look bad.

Men are less likely to have other men sleep on them.

That is the best thing i have heard all morning.

That is the quote of the day.

This is going viral.

This is a more a day in the life of.

You will be passing this around to your friends.

If you have ever been on an airplane with a stranger, they

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