Macau Casino Revenue Drops First Time in Five Years

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July 1 (Bloomberg) -- Las Vegas Sands Chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson discusses declining gambling revenues in Macau on “In The Loop.” (This interview was recorded on May 5)(Source: Bloomberg)


People go there and they gamble.

It is a focused trip for them.

The government wants to diminish its reliance upon the gaming and they want to attract leisure customers that will come for sightseeing.

We have done a lot of surveys.

These surveys show, particularly in asia, people travel for two reasons.

Sightseeing and shopping.

Why are we getting to visitations from each visitor to macau?

There are other things for them to do besides gamble.

I spoke with the cochairman of mgm china and daughter of macau casino billionaire.

She says chinese gamblers are changing.

We are beginning to see the customers coming throughout are more demanding.

They know how to differentiate.

They will ask you how many restaurants are there in your facility.

If that is one restaurant, is an italian or french?

In the beginning, they would not care or they would not know.

Now, they want to be much more experimental.

They want to know what it is.

Are they becoming more like western tourists?


They are beginning to know and that they are beginning to do research prior to even their departure.

Now that they have become more selective, they will say, i have choices.

When i come to macau and i have two days, i need to determine where to go, where to spend my money and how best to spend my time.

This is only folding.

Pansy's brother is a major player in the gaming business.

His dream, dominating the asia casino business the way sheldon adelson has done in vegas.

You can see it all in "titans of the table: the rise of macau." ?

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