Obama, Kerry Look Out of Step on Syria: Falkenrath

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Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath discusses the shift in U.S. strategy toward Syria. He speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Very sobering.

What does russia's latest chess move mean for the u.s. now?

It means that president obama is likely not authorize use of force.

It is a huge shift.

Almost an exclusive -- inexplicable on the outside.

It is clear he himself does not like on the action he was asked to pass.

I think that will shift the focus from the white house to congress style to a multilateral dialogue.

What does this mean as far as diplomacy goes?

There are many people that say john kerry and never in the allowed this kind of opening.

It certainly looks like that.

Also looks like they are out of step.

Now, it will give very tricky because they will be talking about a resolution.

The united states will come in and look for a resolution that has provisions.

Russia will never consent to that.

You have france weighing in and saying do not be distracted.

We need to basically keep our eye on the ball.

In focus on the issue, which is a limited use of chemical weapons.

The french have the pen on a resolution they will present to the security council, possibly this afternoon.

The french have a slightly different approach than washington and russians.

This is getting far too complicated for the president to explain.

I think inside the white house they're not exactly sure what the president is going to say and working on a graph of his statement literally as we speak.

Anything that could change before the president speaks?

Likely things to change that would direct the town?

If he really thinks there is a possibility that condemns the chemical weapons, if they do not commit, that would be a true breakthrough and would embrace it.

Short of that, there are many different options that are suboptimal.

This would mess up president obama is planned in getting congress to authorize the air strike.

Congress in your view will definitely not vote this week.

But can't. he knows if they will.

I think it is very unlikely.

The vote counted not look good for the president.

The white house says it is prepared to explore this.

I think it is only worse.

Thank you as always for your insight.

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