Likely to See More Targeted Sanctions: Meyer

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April 14 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Henry Meyer reports on the deadly violence in the Ukraine over the weekend and the emergency meeting of the U.N. security council. He speaks to Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)


What is the situation on the ground in the ukraine after this and the violence over the weekend?

It is very tense, obviously.

We have the first bloodshed in the ukraine, you just mentioned.

One servicemen killed and another five injured in a clash just on the outskirts.

The deadline, which expired this morning by the ukrainian government for pro-russian forces to relinquish control of government holdings, which they have occupied.

They have occupied a number of local council buildings.

And the potential there for more violence is there.

It is a tense situation.

A spat occurred in the united nations overnight between russia and the u.s. with fingers pointing in opposite directions.

What does russia say to these accusations that it is instigating the unrest?

Present us with the evidence.

There isn't any.

What we see is people in camouflage and the ukrainian government, they are russian special services involved.

Is there a way to prove it?

Air is no doubt in the minds of the u.s. and its allies.

The concern is that the russians are going to escalate.' this is in the run-up to the elections on may 25 in a bid to undermine these elections.

Short of a national military invasion of the east of ukraine, it will be hard for the u.s. and the eu to justify full-scale sanctions against russia.

We are likely to see an extension of sanctions, which have already been applied to individuals and one bank controlled by a billionaire associate uproot and.

-- of putin.

They would be modeled on those it used against orion.

-- iran.

Cutting the bank off from the entertainment system.

Those are not likely to come forth before full-scale military intervention.

There is a disagreement within

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