Blackwater Founder Prince Now Working With China

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Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Erik Prince, former CEO at Blackwater, discusses his current work with the Chinese government and what he learned in his experience with the U.S. government in the Middle East on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Element in your mind of payback from your experience working with the u.s. government.

We are excited about africa.

Asia has the frontier risk for investing.

We are located through hong kong because it is the center of application flows.

We are working for any reputable mining company or private investment firm that make some thing happen in africa.

You are not working for the united states.

Is there any spite them?

If there is a u.s. need to jairus -- we are starting in the aviation side.

We need a broad-based aviation capability.

There is not one firm that does it well and the whole continent africa.

If the european union needs help -- certainly the energy and mining companies need infrastructure firms.

They are doing it out there on the age of the frontier.

Are there lessons you take from your -- are the things you're going to try to write this time?

The amount of time and effort that went into building out the company and the blowtorch politics was a big event.

I am learning those lessons and looking in a lot of different countries directly with concerns to try to make it happen.

I am quite honestly curious.

You are in the risk business.

What you do is all about risk.

How is it that when you got involved with the u.s. government, when black -- user not see the risk that you would get blowtorch and politics when something went wrong and somebody had to be blamed.

We look for risk and protection for our customers.

We never imagined that the same government that would jairus would perform exactly as -- i would jairus -- that would hire us -- was the greatest mischaracterization of blackwater?

The idea of being trigger-happy overpaid mercenaries.

Working with the state department we have thousands of americans am a former u.s. operations, military law-enforcement people who have served their country once.

He volunteered to go back and do it again.

With the training and excellence america has come to expect.

The idea that we were somehow politically collected -- we grew company because we performed well.

We got the job done on time.

One of the criticisms a comes from people in the company is that blackwater had to grow too fast to meet a lot of this demand for security services in iraq.

I'm curious if you could respond to that concern.

Anytime you employ people, people make mistakes.

If you run engines, that is your business.

Any major airline will tell you sometimes turbine engines break as well.

I think we did a very good job of recruiting and for filling the needs -- and fulfilling the needs.

Sometimes the u.s. military has a bad hire.

What happens if a frontier services operation, something goes pear-shaped in africa.

Youth think -- do you think the chinese government will pull away all that the poetic and political cover just like the american government did?

We are not looking to provide diplomatic security for any specific governments.

You're working with state-controlled enterprises, are you not?


But any other major western firm, we are not looking to do the domed up security work and make sure people get in on time and safely.

It goes part to their destination.

We are not looking to be the defensive shield or the high drama work that we performed in the u.s. government.

There's plenty of downside and that.

We would rather take the logistics piece of an infrastructure project, perform the job well and be a halliburton like co--- halliburton like operation.

What you make of edward snowden?

Contractor gone rogue?

I don't know if he is a hero or trader.

I think it is a very useful public service he did.

I think the intel budget is way too big and overblown.

I think there is pathetic oversight from both sides of congress.

I think it is time to ring the dinner.

Strong words indeed.

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