Law School: How's the Future Looking?

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Weil Gotshal & Manges Partner Harvey Miller discusses the future of law school in the U.S. With Tom Keene on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

It is just fascinating, the state of the legal business.

Should anybody be an associate today in the law firm hoping to be a partner someday?

It is a much harder route today.

Legal education has become very expensive than people who go through law school come out with huge loans.

There is no assurance of a job.

We have had a proliferation of law schools being created.

We over expand like everything else.

Technology has finally caught up with the legal business.

What is the gradation of the law schools?

The top schools put out students and how is that different from a second or it or tear?

You have a higher probability of getting a job but secondary law schools, you have a difficult time for that graduate to get laced.

If you look at the percentages, they are not placing the people, less than 50%. a top law school probably 85- 95%. a legal education is general and you can use it in anything.

A lot of hedge fund managers went to law school.

You can use a legal education to move into another area like finance, management.

You can get that training on the job, too.

Yes, but you learn to think in a good law school.

People are looking at graduate school at other things, how many people are going to law school?

Do they do it because they don't know what else to do?

That used to be a very prevalent theme tummy tuck.

Because of the cost of law school, it is not so true anymore.

I think people would rather go to business school.

We have changed the way you get an education.

You can get a law degree and an mba in three years.

You mentioned that.

If you get into that program, you graduate with your law degree and an mba.

That is worthwhile.

What did a law school due to their curriculum?

What do they do to make their education more valuable?

Law schools are making a more practical with more courses that are on a seminar basis, clinical.

With your decades of experience, respond to the national consensus that we need to stem education.

Math, engineering -- bill bennett suggests you must combine it with a broad liberal arts education.

These are the people you are hiring every day.

How important is it to have a broader education versus calculus?

I believe in a liberal arts education.

We don't teach history in school and people have no basis what this country was founded upon.

Ask people what happened in the first world war and they did not know there was one, forget about korea.

Are you suggesting the fundamentals are in the elementary school and high schools that we have to bring in history?

Our educational sees some -- system needs a lot of improvement.

You need history and liberal arts -- you have to know philosophy.

It is not only calculus and physical sciences.

What is your agenda today?

Besides sleep.

The g-20 in st.

Petersburg where president obama has just arrived.

He will be meeting with the other leaders of the industrialized nations and there is focus on what happens because syria has taken over everything.

What will the president say as he tries to get congressional action on this important topic?

He is there and this is the first report where there is a little bit of sweat.

There is a real tension here between vladimir putin and the europeans looking for a political process.

The united states is working on a lacunar lateral basis and everyone is watching on the sidelines.

You mentioned the italians with a ship in the eastern mediterranean.

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