Khodorkovsky: I Really Want to Hug My Wife

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Dec. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former oil tycoon, describes what his life was like in prison, reacts to comments made by Igor Sechin, the CEO of OAO Rosneft, and discusses Rosneft's $55 billion takeover of BP Plc’s Russian joint venture, TNK-BP. He spoke in an interview with Bloomberg's Ryan Chilcote following his release from 10 years in prison on a surprise pardon from President Vladimir Putin. (Source: Bloomberg)

Difficult day in prison.

To say which was the most difficult was pretty tough.

Maybe the most difficult thing was when i saw them starting to destroy the company.

Or maybe the did most -- the most difficult day is when i found the company possibly will counsel had died.

Or maybe the toughest day -- was when i got knifed in the face.

Stabbed with a knife?

It is difficult to choose.

What is the most difficult thing about prison?

The most unpleasant part of prison was the feeling of wasting time completely.

Food, clothing, even being in a close space.

That is what you can get used to if you have a little bit of self-discipline.

I spent all of those years in prison on the so-called double surveillance.

A prison within a prison?


Even a third prison within that.

The first level is where you are a prisoner to everyone else.

The second level is where there is a camera trained on your workstation, bed, table, and only yours.

And the third level of security, just to give you an example, is when there are only two other prisoners reporting back to the authorities on your every move.

Because president putin was personally interested in how you are treated?

Of course.

The holidays are head.

What you would -- what would you like for christmas?

I really hope i am getting the present time -- i am waiting for the morrow when i hug my wife.

At you are released, the head of --, which to a certain extent exists thanks to the assets part of --, said he would be happy to give you a job.

He was joking.

Perhaps he was mocking you.

How does that make you feel?

I see his comments as a joke.

Because i know right up until the very end, he was trying to convince the country's leadership not to free me.

Only because he was personally afraid of something.

A man who wants to joke around without a podium on equal footing and integrity should not use the hour of the state to get rid of him.

Some would say, that effectively legalizes -- some would argue -- the expropriation of --'s accents -- assets.

How do you feel about that and b.p.? i agree with the idea that when you are doing business, you can do anything that you want that isn't forbidden by law.

What ep did was entirely -- b.p. did was entirely lawful.

It had been -- it would be another matter if it was ethical and whether business should be concerned with at fixed or it -- with ethics.

Have every company and society at answer that one for themselves.

Just ahead, the middle east

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