Kevin Spacey Lobbies Real Lawmakers for Tax Break

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March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Actor Kevin Spacey lobbied for TV Production tax breaks in Maryland. Bloomberg's William Selway reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Powerbroker kevin spacey.

He is taking information for -- from his real-life persona to lobby maryland state lawmakers for tax breaks for the show.

Our reporter joins us with the details on this one.

Kevin spacey was in annapolis.

What is he looking for from state lawmakers?

An interesting story about life imitating art imitating life.

In annapolis, about 30 miles from where the show was at the beset, looking for millions of dollars in tax breaks to keep the show filmed in maryland.

Specifically $18.5 million.

Right now the show is the beneficiary of a program trying to lower tv and film production in the state lawmakers are figuring whether they will increase it did the lion share would most certainly go to "house of cards." "house of cards" spend a lot of money in the state and the generated something for that economy to the tune of what order?

About $200 million so far, and bitter -- and bigger ripple effects, the people who work of the show, costume designers and makeup artists and whatnot.

It has had a big impact in maryland in the program is overwhelmingly supported.

The question is whether or not they want to add even more to the pie specifically because it is just this one show.

So far they have been incredibly successful.

The bill to do so would pass the senate with only one dissenting vote.

It is currently hung up in the house of representatives.

The house of delegates in annapolis and they are working on getting it through there the next week before lawmakers go home for the year.

Securing the additional state and sent it, certainly no sure thing.

You've got some state lawmakers who are actually very "offended" by this and they came out and said so.

But the entertainment industry tax credit has an uneven legislative history.

Why is that, and how do you anticipate this one unfolding?

It is hard to say how it will unfold this year.

They are only in town for three months out of the year to get the business done and they have one week to do it.

People seem very supportive of having the show here in maryland

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