Kashkari to Face Brown in California Race

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June 4 (Bloomberg) -- Californians picked Republican Neel Kashkari, a political newcomer who ran the federal bailout of the U.S. banking system, to challenge incumbent Democrat Jerry Brown for governor in November. Neel Kashkari Gubernatorial Campaign Adviser Lanhee Chen speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Also former advisor to mitt romney.

In full disclosure, you are working with neel kashkari.

Did you see his way and as a referendum on the tea party for republicans?

Good morning, betty.

I thought it was an important win.

We were facing a situation where neel kashkari was going against someone that was on the extreme right wing of the republican party.

Was part of the rebuilding process.

We have a long way to go, but neel kashkari is a step in the right direction.

Would it have been embarrassing if he lost to someone on the extreme side of the republican party?

Did he not smuggle a gun into an airport to prove a point?

Is a colorful past, let's say.

It was important for neel kashkari to win.

What people forget is the republican party in california is not different from the republican party in states in the midwest and it was important to send a message and i think republicans did last night.

They did, but lanhee chen, some have said that whoever won the second seat against jerry brown is an opportunity to lose against jerry brown.

It is an uphill climb.

Jerry brown starts with tremendous name recognition, he has been governor forever, basically, but he has vulnerabilities.

High-speed rail is chief among them.

Most californians believe it is a complete waste of money during a time where our fiscal condition is relatively precarious.

Outside of california, lanhee chen, there were a lot of key primaries that were referendums on the tea party.

What was most important to you?

Click save big win for joni -- a big win for joni ernst yesterday.

She was able to get over the hump.

As i look back over the last several weeks, two date wins in states like oregon and minnesota and even states that were less paid attention to, we have solid republican candidates that will be competitive against democrats in november.


Joni ernst -- democrats in november 30 joni ernst is interesting -- a democrat in november.

Joni ernst is interesting.


She will be a key.

I put tom cotton from arkansas in the same category with broad conservative appeal and all of them are successful because the messages focused on what we can do to turn around a decline we have seen in economic growth as well as respect to u.s. foreign policy.

However, those that say they are ringing the death toll for tea party republicans, they might want to keep looking at mississippi, right?


It is a little early to say the tea party is gone.

I have heard that discussion recently.

I think that is not quite accurate.

The tea party is incredibly strong at the grassroots.

The difference in this race -- this cycle is that establishment republicans have gotten onto the notion that they have to compete in primaries, they have done that, and they have been successful.

We will see what happens in mississippi, but folks in that race deal cochran will be well-positioned in a runoff.

Lanhee chen, on a final note, what does this tell you about 2016? it is a wide-open race.

People are trying to read the tea leaves -- is this candidate or that candidate going to be ahead?

The candidate will have to appeal broadly to conservatives across the spectrum.

Hopefully we nominated a candidate that is able to compete, not just on economic issues, but foreign-policy issues as well since i think hillary clinton, the likely democratic nominee, with the competitive on those issues -- will be competitive on those issues.

Lanhee chen, thank you,

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