Jorge Paulo Lemann: The Burger, Beer Brazillionaire

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Aug. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Alexander Cuadros examines the wealth Brazilian billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann, the former professional tennis player who built his fortune on some very well-known American brands. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

You will see continued introduction of eco- boost.

In the fusion, for example, we have a 1.5, a 1.6, and a two liter ego boost.

It increases fuel economy but still gives you the torque and horsepower.

I will not get an answer on when we see a new expedition, but i want to see one.

Joe hinrichs, president of the americas, thank you.

Thank you, matt miller.

He will be back with us with much more on ford and the hot streak at the company.

He will be with the automaker's ceo alan mullally in the next hour.

Also, he is the brazilian billionaire with the all- american line of beers and catch up.

Meet -- catch-up meet jorge paulo lemann.

Once a virtually unknown billionaire, jorge paulo lemann came on the scene when his three g capital did a deal with warren buffett.

Trish regan explains.

They are some of america's most iconic bands -- -- brands, kinds, burger king, budweiser, and one brazilian billionaire has gobbled up all three, jorge paulo lemann.

In a last five years, his company has been behind the biggest m&a deals in the american food industry.

His people were able to find efficiencies and weed out terrible costs.

The reclusive jorge paulo lemann has not given an interview since 2008. he moved his family to switzerland after an attempted kidnapping in sa o paulo.

Most people think of rich people in brazil, and they think of ike batista, but he has lost $25 billion since his peak.

At 75 years old, the rainmaker of rio, as he is known, teamed up with the oracle of omaha.

Warren buffett 80 premium to get into the heinz deal because they wanted to be aligned with 3g capital.

Warren buffett said he is eager to learn more about brazil and jorge paulo lemann is a great professor.

Dealmakers around the world are taking notice.

They are taking note.

With me now is the article of the bloomberg businessweek article.

Alex, he really is quite an unusual figure.

What makes him so different as a billionaire> -- as a billionaire?

He is incredibly discreet and low-profile.

When you consider the size of the deals he is doing and how much is been able to hide himself from the public eye, it is pretty incredible.

The other thing that is impressive is along the way that he has been building his empire, he pursued a professional tennis career.

He is a five-time brazilian national tennis champ.

He played in wimbledon, the davis cup twice.

He did a lot of this while building his investment inc., which is where he got his start in -- bank in brazil, where he got his start.

He was also a server.

In a speech to high school students, he talked about taking a 30-foot wave in rio, and that taught him more about business than anything he learned at harvard, where he went to school.

Alex cuadros, we highlighted this a deal he did with heinz and warren buffett.

How do they know each other?

They know each other from the board of july, the razor manufacturer.

-- gi llette, the razor manufacturer.

They first met each other on the board, and i spoke to the former chairman and ceo of gil lette who said they had similar styles.

They were not big talkers, but listeners and had an amazing talent to synthesize the ideas everyone was throwing around.

Thank you, alex cuadros , of bloomberg news.

You can read more on newsstands and your ipad tomorrow.

Do not miss it.

"in the loop" returns in two minutes.


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