Jobs, Education Are Key for GOP: Florida Gov. Scott

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Rick Scott, Republican Governor of Florida and Bloomberg political analyst Matt Dowd discuss the battle within the GOP for the issues that can connect with American voters. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

The republican model of losing his run conservative, conservative primaries, and then, we do not mean what we said, we will go moderate.

And that work again?

We have to focus on two things -- how do we get our country back to work him a make sure kids get a great education?

If you talk to a family, what do they care about?

I want a job, i want my children to get a great education.

The whole focus should be on jobs and education.

Let's go to some issues at hand.

Including the so-called nuclear option.

Democrats trying to silence republicans when it comes to president obama's nominations.

This cannot make for a very pleasant operating and productive experience when it comes to washington lawmaking.

I think this is just another sign of how dysfunctional washington is in many different ways.

This was brought up in years past by republicans when democrats were blocking a lot of the nominations during bush's presidency.

I do not think they will end up doing it because there is a tradition in the senate.

For a super majority to have to pass on these things.

But it does represent how badly dysfunctional washington, d.c. is.

You have the majority leader and the minority leader basically calling each other names across national television.

It just does not make for great work to get done.

This is a mess.

It is 2013. we've got to get to 2014, and then the 2016 election.

What is the new strategy for republicans?

What i have done in my state -- i'm talking nationally for republicans.


Your party has to speak with one voice.

You cannot do it until you have a candidate.

What do you want to see as a presidential candidate?

There are a lot of great candidates.

It will be about, who will do the best job of creating jobs, who will improve education?

That is what families care about grade last year what they should have focused on, it should have been about jobs.

That is one of our biggest problems.

You can solve so many problems if people have a job.

Maybe they should have focused on minorities, which gets to the immigration part.

Every group -- cares about jobs.

Do you agree with that?

Within the mix of national politics, do you agree does about jobs?

It sounds too simple for me.

The dominant issue will be jobs and the economy.

The governor is right about that.

The problem republicans have is the image and brand of the party, even when they talk about jobs and the economy, it is counter to many minorities feel.

You do not feel connected to them.

Yes, jobs and the economy is the dominant issue and needs to be the dominant issue, as republicans talk about this, but they have to change the ability to connect in -- and the imagery with which they present their politics.

How will you do that?

Get out of your office and talk to people.

Talk to people about what their needs are.

I travel the state pretty much everyday, i talked to people, what do they need?

How can i help your business?

That is what they care about.

How can i make sure your child gets the best education?

That is why we put so much effort into our k-12. many people see this immigration debate as a test to whether republicans can come out and be productive on this bill.

Clearly they say it needs to happen, but what should the republican response be to the senate legislation, and do you think they will be able to get it done?

To me, the politics and policy of this, the needs of both have come together.

The republicans have to do something about this , one, if they want to get this policy done, which everybody knows needs to be done if you have 12 million people in this country that you would have to figure out what you are going to with, and the politics demand it.

If i were advising the house, i would say pass a bill, go to a conference committee, and work this out in conference committee.

That is what they need to do.

If they sell the house and do not do anything and basically send nothing to conference committee, it is a huge problem for republicans.

This is great.

Governor, this is directly in your sites.

Debbie wasserman schultz and the effort to go after you -- if you get a bad immigration bill, as could affect your future, couldn't it?

In our state, my race will be about, did i get our state back to work?

Unemployment is down to 7.1%. 33,000 private sector jobs.

We are growing every month in job creation.

That is what the election will be about.

Is why i one in 2010. -- that is why i one in 2010. the election many people say will be about the president health care legislation.

This is something you see and feel and you look at the impact in your state.

It has caused a lot of families to now end up with part-time jobs rather than full- time jobs.

The company's -- companies, they say, we cannot afford the health care law.

I go to part-time workers.

It is having an adverse impact it doesn't make any sense what they are doing nationally on health care policy.

Will it hurt the democrats in the midterm?

I think so.

Here is the problem -- the president passed a bill in a very divisive, partisan way.

Then he never sold the elements of it to the american public good he passes a bill divisively , and never sells the elements of it.

There are positive elements of the bill.

Now you have the american public being forced on something that the majority does not want and a bill that has not been explained.

Here is what is happening in our state.

If you talk to seniors, they are having a much more difficult time getting doctors will accept medicare.

It is happening across our state.

The are blaming the president.

They are blaming his law.

It is very unpopular.

In the bruising campaigns to come, which you had, a bruising primary, collected by 14 votes outside jacksonville -- you get the idea -- what is your advice to republicans to windows tough battles?

Focus all your attention on how you get your state back to work.

Everything i talked about when i ran was my seven steps to 700,000 jobs.

What i have done as governor is to improve the job market, improve education.

Have a better budget.

It is about high-quality jobs two.

Tourism, it is not as high paying a job as construction or manufacturing.

This has been wonderful.

Governor scott, thank you so much.

Matthew dowd, thank you.

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