Supreme Court Is Standing for the Rich Now: Sachs

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April 24 (Bloomberg) -- Georgetown University's Anthony Carnevale, Columbia University's Jeffrey Sachs and Barmak Nassirian of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities discuss the Supreme Court's affirmative action ruling on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Anthony, i will start with you.

If we are not going to use affirmative action to create a diverse student body, what shall we be looking at?

If race is no longer a factor, does raise and social economic gas -- does race and social economic standing matter?

Race does not matter unless you allow race.

If you are a black kid and you go to an all-black school, we could say that you are being let in because you are going to a low income school.

It sounds like the schools just want diversity.

It may not the necessarily racial diversity.

It may be economic diversity.

The harsh reality is an america, race is a factor unto itself.

In m." literature, it is very clear.

If you are black -- in empirical literature, it is very clear.

If you are black and poor, you are more poor.

I was looking through some of the statistics and basically what you see, the percentage of u.s. students who have received baccalaureate degrees, 11% are coming from the bottom quartile.

79% are coming from the top quartile.

The students are coming from families that are earning $100,000 or more.

9.4% of the degrees are being awarded to students who come from families with an income of $30,000 or less.

It does seem we are educating the rich more than the poor.

Student social economic backgrounds play into diversity -- should social economic backgrounds not play into diversity?

We are dividing race and income.

We have the lowest social mobility of any high-end come country in the world now.

If you look at the sustained data, white kids, 36% have a four-year degree.

African-american students, 16%. hispanic kids, 11%. there is a tremendous divide.

Yeah, there is a divide.

They are reckless and this and so many other things.

This is the most reactionary supreme court we have had in 80 years in this country.

If you are a wealthy minority that grew up on fifth avenue that can buy and sell your entire class versus the kid who grew up in a trailer park in georgia, they should treat to be won on fifth avenue because they are minority, they should be given preference?

The idea is to take into account true diversity?

That means racial diversity and economic diversity.

So look at both?

They are looking at both.

Schools are trying to find ways to look at middle-class income, but now they can't even look at race.

The door was slammed on race.

What do they need to do now?

Specifically with the university of michigan -- they are not going to look at race anymore.

What is the next best name to make sure you are giving a lot of opportunities to a broad group of people?

They will have to redouble their efforts when it comes to outreach and recruitment.

They will have to come up with absolutely, admittedly imperfect proxies.

The supreme court has made it much more difficult to have racial and ethnic diversity.

And there is a collapse in the share of minority kids in some of the schools already.

The law school class as the smallest share of african american kids they have had in decades now.

It is already taking effect because this went into effect in michigan a few years ago and it is having devastating effects around the country of now closing the door that had been partly opened in recent decades and now that door is closing again.

Isn't there a better way to address this?

Wouldn't be through social economic grounds?

Doesn't this give people struggling in our society the best opportunity?

That would help.

Of course we are going in the opposite direction on this.

Of course, we are becoming more divided by income and wealth.

The supreme court gave the biggest boost to that.

They said, let the rich give any amount to campaigns.

The supreme court only stands up for the rich and powerful.

It has no interest in the poor and it has no interest in minorities.

Let me get back to anthony.

As you look ahead, what do you anticipate from other schools across the country as you look at michigan and the supreme court?

I think the truth is the american higher education system has become complicit in the intergenerational transmission of race and class privilege.

Presently since about 1995. 85% of the white kids going to college went to one of the top 100 four-year schools.

75% of the black and latino kids went to open admission for your -- four-year schools.

It is larger than that.

We are transmitting divisions in race and class throughout the generations in higher education has become the capstone in that process.

If i may say, anthony's group is doing some of the best research -- how do you like that, anthony?

Your work is absolutely fantastic.

Thank you for speaking with

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