JCP Has Stabilized, Keeping Core Shoppers: Liebmann

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May 16 (Bloomberg) - Wendy Liebmann, Chief Executive Officer at WSL Strategic Retail, examines J.C. Penney’s path to recovery as the company reports its first sales gain in three years and looks at what the company is doing to bring back lost customers and hold onto loyal customers that stuck with the retailer. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

To try to get on top of everything.

Jcpenney is trying to catch up.

What are they doing to attract new customers?

I'm not sure that they are attracting the new customers yet.

I think that is the future that they need to address.

What they have really done is stabilized and said to the people who have fled out the door, it is ok, it is safe to come back.

It is not so young.

There are things that fit you.

There are the basics and the brands.

It is a great value.

They have done the basics again.

They're holding on to some of the people who were fleeing.

One headline that caught my attention, the private label made up 50% of sales.

It is working for now.

Is this the right strategy?

It is where they have some integrity, some authority.

They are not trying to be who they are not now.

They have to stabilize and keep core shoppers in the store and then move on to build new.

But there are so many other avenues now.

Do i go to the jcpenney of five or 20 years ago?

I don't get a sense of new new at all.

The denim section still feels new.

They have gone back to five steps.

They have to figure out, how do they move forward?

What is that?

It is a conversation around, how do i get boomers back into the store?

How do i get people looking for everyday fashion?

People who recognize decent, contemporary fashion.

Eagle looking for home products again.

-- people looking for home products again.

Urban and suburban people.

People who say, jcpenney is a viable alternative for me.

The man who brought six flags out of bankruptcy said you have to give people a reason every year.

What is the something new a jcpenney?

I think they have not figured something out -- and that something out yet.

They went really new.

They have to move forward again.

The other news was sears, jettisoning sears canada.

The trust between a retailer and suppliers.

Does jcpenney have that trust with their suppliers?

The trust they have at the moment is michael altman.

The money guys trust him.

They trust him.

While he is willing to stay -- that is not our sweet spot, we are talking about the confidence between jcpenney and the shoppers.

The challenge is how do they tell other people, it is a good option again?

The cash option seems to be solved right now.

They're just coming off the bottom.

I have no idea what i would do.

I don't own the shares , though.

It will be an issue in the second half.

-- i don't own the shares, though.

It will be an issue in the second half.

During the quarter that counts, they can maybe turn it around.

I have enjoyed doing this.

[laughter] the boss comes over, taps you

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