Rand Paul Admits Yellen Likely to Be Confirmed

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Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Peter Cook reports on republican opposition to Janet Yellen as Federal Reserve Chairman. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

The republican side of the aisle.

You know about the athens into for policy overall.

She has dealt with this as faith -- about the opposition for fed policy overall.

She has dealt with this as vice- chairman.

She met with democrat tim johnson thursday, he praised her and said he was looking forward to getting her nomination onto the senate floor.

She met with one of the panel most powerful republicans, alabama's richard shelby.

He did not commit to supporting her nomination.

Several republican senators say they will oppose her nomination because they this security with her views -- they disagree with her views.

Even rand paul, who promises to fight her confirmation, he concedes she is likely to win in the end.

In the old days, you could keep it forever.

Even if i filibuster in a personal fashion, i can only hold it for two days.

She is going to be confirmed?

In all likelihood.

The fed has been held hostage i senator reed for two years -- by senator reid for two years.

The hearing will happen november 14, no indication she is in any big trouble on capitol hill.

That is not true for one of the president's picks to oversee friday may and freddie mac.

Mel watt's nomination to the fhfa is in trouble.

The first time since 1848 that a sitting member of congress has been blocked and confirmation.

The white house says it is sticking with mel watt, but the battle threatens to become a larger fight over the president's ability to pick his own nominees.

Not good news for players in the housing industry.

They want a permanent director of the fhfa as the push to overhaul fannie and freddie gathers speed.

Will he threatened to change senate rules?

It is not clear, he has not made a decision.

Peter cook, chief washington correspondent.

Wall street has all but written off the idea of any kind of fed taper before next march.

Some economists think that is a mistake.

Mike mckee has the real deal on some new numbers that have analysts scratching their heads on where tapering goes.

Sometimes you get surprising data.

Chicago pmi yesterday was "that cannot be right." it was almost too good, rising,

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