Italy Faces Political Turmoil as PM Letta to Resign

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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg chief international correspondent Hans Nichols reports on the power change in Italian politics on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

These are rounding area -- errors.

Germany, 0.4% versus 0.3, france -- if he wants to understand the european economy, take me oder river that divides germany and poland, take it south along the danube and everything to the east around one percent and everything to the west, less than one percent.

The question is, is germany part of western europe or eastern europe?

The growth the story is in eastern europe?

-- the growth story is in eastern europe.

I counted 11 political parties in italy.

I believe we have two in the united states.

How can anyone govern with 11 political parties question mark -- parties?

Gelato, everybody has gelato before noon and everything is together.

This is napolitano's town, napolitano has to have consultation with all 11 parties.

He has those parties.

He will receive letta's resignation in about an hour and then he will cobble together some sort of religion.

Renzi is obviously the most likely candidate.

After that, they have to figure out who gets the finance ministry and who gets all the various ministries and then they can start to try, as you point out, govern from a minority position.

Until you have a strong election result, it is going to be hard for any party to govern in italy.

You simply don't have a mandate from the people.

Are the people in italy engaged in this moment or are they just worn out and tired of it?

There's a little fatigued, right?

But i think the more important thing -- and this is the question for matteo renzi, who will be the new prime minister -- does he have a democratic legitimacy?

He is the third prime minister, if he takes to power, who will be in that position without being democratically elected.

Remember, this is the mayor of florence, a lovely town.

Nothing against florence.

A town of 336,000 people.

He will now be the prime minister of a country of 60 million.

Thank you so much.

Try to get back to berlin in one piece.

If you see audrey hepburn, say

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