It's Goldieblox Vs. The Beastie Boys

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Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Grey Group Senior Vice President Josh Rabinowitz discusses music usage rights with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Seem to be staying it was -- saying it was the victim.

Now beastie boys saying it is not for the commercial user.

Who is going to win?

It is going to be interesting.

It is an issue of fair use.

It is a parity.

The steeple is lame and they would never allow anyone to license their music or use their name.

Adam young passed away in his last testament said he would no way -- no way to let his band or is accused in an advertisement.

What do you think in a preemptive suit?

Aggressive and quite clever.

I think they are tapping into a supreme court rule in the 1990s. they had a song called pretty woman that went to the supreme court and the supreme court said it is fair use him a parity.

That is only using a little bit of the song.

This is a serious business.

I did not realize it, but the person owns a right to happy birthday.

That is why if you go to a restaurant chain, they are never allowed to sing happy birthday.

They have to sing a wacky version to avoid being sued.

This could go pretty high.

It can go pretty high.

It is the digital age, and this woman, debbie sterling -- she is no joke.

She started the company basically to get more girls into engineering and she realized she was something like one of four students in a huge class of stanford and has been very clever about trying to front run the infringement or potential infringement issue.

I want to play a sound bite from another well-known voice.

I started to play the house music in 1988. at that time i was playing in the best clubs in paris.

They would put me in the basement.

No one knew who i was, you know?

No one knew who the teacher was.

-- dj was.

Slowly and slowly we started to create our own music and started to be on stage and sell tickets.

This is what changed the game.

What do you make of celebrity djs?

This is a pretty big trend now.

David guetta is pretty big.

A prominent dj from scotland has a log -- lots of big hits.

People are investing in electronic music.

Some of the biggest events in the world in amsterdam.

Not to mention, the club scene.

If you go to vegas or party spot, they pay the djs huge appearance fees and entertainment fees.

Some of them are getting 200,000 dollars per hit.

It is just them.

Obviously they have management and publicist and gears -- dear that has to be brought in.

It is one guy.

What about when they make?

That material comes from someplace else.

Most of the stuff they use has been created.

They do get permission to use it in samples.

The beastie boys are famous for sampling music.

They have been sued and the different copyright information has developed over the years because of beastie boys.

The takeaway is, the an ip lawyer if you have not thought of what to do.

Great to talk to you.

The director of music for the gray group.

We want to bring you the bloomberg west top tech stories.

We will move ahead to sony.

They want to get into wearable technology.

You have this idea popularizing -- popular rising a smart wake.

Hairpieces that could include a camera or global positioning system.

That is according to sony.

Apple i hang is really based prime sensor under $50 million known for making the motion tracking tip -- chip technology used and the microsoft connect game hansell.

It would allow a 3-d camera and

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