It's Fair to Ask People to Be Insured: Reinhardt

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July 3 (Bloomberg) -- Princeton University Professor Dr. Uwe Reinhardt discusses his outlook for "Obamacare" with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

We spoke with peter orzag.

Is that fair?

It is fair so that they don't become freeloaders when they are sick and when they are poor, we help them with subsidies.

But it seems a bad business to force business to make decisions that are not in the interest of the business.

If employers want to give healthcare to the employees, that's a good business decision for them.

But those that don't often have very low-wage workers and i don't think they should be forced to do that.

We should take care of those employees through the exchanges.

I'm not for abolishing employment provided insurance.

I would leave that to a business decision of the employer.

As the white house tries to overcome the take-up, what have we learned from other healthcare mandates, such as one in massachusetts that the federal government can apply to this effort?

It has worked in massachusetts so far.

This bill will actually create some problems for massachusetts.

That's why they are asking for a waiver.

The massachusetts has worked.

The swift system , it has exchanges and it has worked for a long time very, very well.

We should look to switzerland how to do it but the swiss do not mandate employers to offer social insurance.

To me, that seems to be a crazy idea.

There is some concern that the exchanges will not be ready on the day they are supposed to open, october 1. does that suggest that the administration is going to have to postpone that part of the legislation to allow these exchanges to be fully functioning so that people can avail themselves of the individual mandate?

I hope not.

They should be ready.

I know it is complicated to do, but it is a federal exchange . for the most part, we will be ready to do it great will it be perfect?


the medicare modernization act started in 2006 and the first year was not good either.

People were upset, it was too complicated, and now it works very well.

We have to be a little patient.

These things don't always work perfectly the first time, even for private business.

These are sweeping changes in

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