Is Venezuela Ed Snowden's Best Bet?

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July 6 (Bloomberg) -- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro offered asylum to the fugitive U.S. security contractor Edward Snowden. Hans Nichols reports on the latest developments on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Another developing story we are following, nsa leaker of adverts snowden has a deadline to deal with.

Will he except -- accept the venezuela's offer of asylum?

Hans nichols, could venezuela be his best bet right now?

Yes, but there is a difference between having offered asylum and having trouble documentation.

Any of those three countries would give him travel documents.

However, cuban president roh castro said that he was supportive of venezuela and bolivia but he did not mention whether a plane carrying snowden could land in cuba to refuel.

When you look at a distance it has to travel from moscow to caracas, it is a long distance.

Mike rogers talked about this over the weekend.

Using trade relations with bolivia and venezuela to be used as a pressure point.

The president was in africa last week downplayed how important this is, that they will not scramble any jets, but their actions betray a bit of their true intentions here.

We do not know for certain, but any time you ground a president's plame in a foreign country to look for a potential american citizen, seems to me, to be pretty high on the administration's prairie list.

What are we expecting to hear today about government efficiency?

You look at what they tried to do every year this time of year.

They tried to talk about summer jobs.

He will announce a new program to make things more efficient.

This is their chance to change the conversation into jobs and economy at the beginning of the summer.

Thank you, hans nichols.

A reminder, president obama will be delivering remarks at 11:50 a.m. that is, assuming the president speaks on time.

Forget about life in the fast lane.

In europe, the auto industry has shifted into reverse we will talk about what that means for the auto making business.

And steve ballmer is about to shake up the management at microsoft.

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