Is Today Finally the Day for a Dell Deal?

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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg deals reports Cristina Alesci sets the scene before Dell's shareholder meeting in Round Rock, Texas, where a vote is expected to approve founder Michael Dell's plan to take the company private. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Christinaalesci has been through it all.

This is not your first time at the shareholders meeting.

Potentially some closure today.

How does this play out today?

Today marks the end of one of the luckiest corporate battles i have seen in my years covering m&a. it is a little bit of a victory for michael dell and silverlake although they are somewhat battle scarred.

We know that michael dell tonight is planning a celebratory dinner at his ranch perhaps earlier than we see in most deals.

If you don't have the closing dinners until the actual close of the deal, which is not for another three weeks.

If you talk about drama in this deal, there was no lack of it.

This shareholder meeting is a routine thing but there are for tv trucks outside.

What is generally a routine thing on any deal has been, a media circus.

Was all of that worth it for the shareholders?

Quacks they they are going home with more so let's not forget that none of this would have happened had it not been for carl icahn was all of that worth it for the shareholders?

Quacks they and other angry shareholders arguing and pushing the idea that michael dell and silverlake were trying to steal the company away from stick -- from shareholders are in . without carl icahn we would not have the outcome we have today.

Quacks what happens to -- what happens to the legal ramifications?

This will be interesting and will have a ripple effect on all deals going forward.

This is the largest lbo since 2007. they set it up in a pristine way and the process got dragged through the mod.

- mud.

Lots of corporate executives will take lessons from this.

Will you be there for the big party?

I'm trying to get in but i was told that no press is allowed.

Back to the barbecue for you.

After seven months, potentially some closer -- closure for michael dell.

Quacks we ring in donald baird.

He is exceptionally experienced in public policy with the clinton administration and the headaches of corporate america but most particularly with dell.

Dell is a client of yours.

It is a client of our firm.

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