Is This Sponge the Key to Clean Water?

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April 23 (Bloomberg) -- Glenn Rink, founder and CEO of AbTech Industries, and Robert Kennedy Jr., founder of the Waterkeeper Alliance, explain how AbTech's "Smart Sponge Plus" separates oil from water with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Long career in environmentalism.

What drew you specifically to this company and to water?

Two of my groups sued the california department of transportation a few years ago because there were thousands of storm drains along the california coast that were discharging toxic water.

Kids were getting sick.

We sued them.

We won the suit, a multibillion-dollar judgment.

The settlement required us to look at technologies that would allow the state to remove the toxics from their beaches.

We surveyed a number of technologies that we came across aptebtech.

It is a sponge technology that you put into the pipe.

Glenn has a demonstration for us.

This is a sponge that soaks up all of the bad stuff in the water?

This is a smart sponge.

We can mold it and into -- we can mold it into any shape or size.

It is a simple test tube demonstration.

I will take some new york city water and some motor oil and diesel fuel and contaminated so that you could see what would be happening running off of our streets.

It can be an industrial facility , anywhere where there is contaminated water.

The idea is to clean that water well enough where you can swim in it, bathe in it.

This is a test tube demonstration.

It is a simple demonstration where you can see the oil and water going into that smart sponge and the clean water passing through.

What is absorbed is permanently bound.

You cannot squeeze it back out.

It can go to a waste-to-energy facility and burned as a fuel.

You can use the power at the end of it.

The residue stayed at the top.

This is the final frontier for clean water because when we passed the clean water act of 1972, it made all pollution illegal.

The epa focused its energies on industrial discharges for the first 30 years.

The biggest source of pollution is storm water discharges.

People are looking to these kinds of solutions.

It is a fascinating solution and we appreciate you bringing it here.

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