Is this Man the Rupert Murdoch of South Africa?

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) –- Jacobus “Koos” Bekker became a billionaire earlier this year after transforming Cape Town, South Africa-based Naspers from a decades-old print business into the world’s largest emerging market media company. Bloomberg’s Rob LaFranco speaks with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Bucks this is market makers with erik schatzker and stephanie ruhle.

Will come back, i am stephanie ruhle.

Time to look at the bloomberg billionaires index.

And a man we're looking at today has been described as the african rupert murdoch.

He is south africa's newest billionaire with an estimated worth of $1.2 billion.

He runs newspapers and the world's largest media company.

We are joined by the bloomberg billionaires team.

Who is this man?

They call him the rupert murdoch of south africa which is a pretty good as gratian.

That good description.

-- good description.

His biggest at was on a company called $.10 holding.

Where they go, so does naspers.

How big of an investment has he made in this company?

He thought almost half of the company back in 1997. it was diluted down in the ipo years later.

It is pretty much 80% of the value coming from $.10. this is pretty much a strict investment.

It is a media company said they still do print publications.

It is a more time media company.

Its biggest assets and most successful is this one.

Is that my they have been such a strong performing stock in the stock market?

They are the top performing stocks of the decade in the south african market read most people outside of africa to not know this guys name.

What does he really have going on that would make him so extraordinary?

He would not be a billionaire if he took 10 sent out.

This guy was very shrewd.

He went to law school at his parents urging and 70 do not like practicing law.

He started the columbia business school at the time hbo was getting started.

He moved back to africa a few years later, took over this company, which was a print company, and immediately transformed it into a safety company.

That would be the decision.

Where did he get the money to go do that ? he took over a print company.

Took over as ceo, how did he get that mojo?

He went to columbia business school and law school, shows up and rocks of the ceo.

He got to work in the company , work his way up through the right.

It was a struggling company.

It was not exactly on the best footing.

He had the idea to get it on the best footing.

Rocks and the zucker gets credit for turning it around?

And making that big old 10 sent investment.

That is a billionaire we are looking at today.

Thank you for joining us.

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And sore playbook economics.

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You can call it the great

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