Is There Any Chance a Grand Bargain Can Be Struck?

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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) – Honeywell International CEO David Cote, Boston Properties Executive Chairman Mort Zuckerman and Loews Corp. CEO James Tisch discuss whether the warring parties in Washington can reach a compromise. (Source: Bloomberg)

You were talking earlier about the need for a grand bargain.

Can we tackle entitlement reform before october 17? i think it is highly improbable.

The chemistry between the parties is so bad that i actually think it will be very difficult, if not impossible, for a grand bargain to be struck pole -- to be struck.

They have tried before for a grand bargain edit has not happened.

They are not negotiating.

They actually dislike each other.

They have no respect for each other.

Are they kicking the can down the road again?

You cannot kick the can down the road.

That is the issue.

They have got to stop digging.

We are in a deep hole and you cannot allow us to get to a position where the national debt is not honored.

I disagree with jim here.

I do not think the probability is high post-up i don't think it is zero either in terms of getting stuff done.

When you are that angry and frustrated, it can also yield an opportunity.

Shame on us we do not take this opportunity.

There is more on the table.

There is a list of items, $2.5 trillion words -- worth.

You can set up a process where you get changes tv i this time and say, we are going to set up -- the chain cpi this time and say, we're going to set up a process.

You can at least try and it is a mistake if they do not at least try.

I hope you are right, but i fear you are wrong.

I'm just saying it is not zero.

I want to touch on this issue of the affordable care act.

65% of two jobs today are part- time jobs.

A great deal of the reason for that is people do not want to be caught in obama care.

Those who are caught in the middle do not get health care.

There has to be some agreement to make a change in that bill.

That is what republicans rightly are doing.

No republican voted for it and in the past -- and it passed.

It is highly unpopular.

The republicans keep going after it, which makes it even more unpopular.

Like i said, it is the gift that keeps on giving.

You will see in the 2014 midterm elections that obama care is probably the major issue on the ballot.

Is this preventing them from getting anything done?

I would say there is a faction of the republican party that is, in my view, not correctly attached to a debt ceiling discussion.

Those are two very separate things.

I can understand where you have a discussion about all kinds of things, obamacare, entitlements in general, taxes.

And then separately, you have your debt ceiling discussion.

They can look like they are tied, but at the end of the day, debt ceiling has to go up or down.

We are going to be back with some final thoughts from these ceo's right after this.


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