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Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Manhattan Institute's Avik Roy and Bloomberg's Phil Mattingly discuss's technical issues with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

But do you think?

Will they get this one fixed?

There was the scope, the depth, and breadth of the problems.

It's the website, the back end where it interacts with insurance companies, the irs, the security and privacy issues, a whole range of stuff.

How could this have happened?

Did they not run to the proper tests?

How did it happen?

Name the things that could have gone wrong, name the things they did wrong, and they have.

There are still people over there shaking their heads.

How did we get to this point?

How do we not test this in a timely manner?

How did we not do this before trying to roll it out?

A huge issue.

These cancellation notices, the president's words, if you like your plan you can keep it, totally coming back to haunt him and they have a counter to this but every time a constituent brings a letter that says it was canceled it is huge ammunition for republicans.

Who will take the fall old men the?

Will it be kathleen sebelius?

--who will take the fall ultimately?

Then you have to nominate someone else to be hhs secretary and getting that person through the senate will be pretty hard in this environment.

I think she is safe.

They are very aware.

There is no talk of firing kathleen sebelius.

How do you get someone confirm the?

She's there right now.

The key day they are looking at, november 30 when they have staked the entire website on being mostly functional.

If it's not done by then, somebody has to go.

Did they just rolled this one out too soon?

You are critical of how quickly they were rushing to get this out.

They were politically motivated to do so.

They wanted to get it out there but perhaps they did not do all of the checks and balances.

We had warnings 8, 9 months ago that things were not ready and this was confirmed from existing reports that as recently as one week before launch they had not done an end to end test of the system.

They had not verified security.

How do you rollout the launch of a system that you have not tested one week before it supposed to affect 30 million people?

Is this an example of the government taking on more than it can chew in this case?

It should have been left to private industry?

This is an administration leaving too much to be outsourced.

They let too many individual pieces be worked on without bringing it in all together and getting a better sense of how it would rollout.

It's actually a canadian company and it has not gone so well in canada.

That's correct, cgi federal.

Hundreds of millions of dollars being spent and the idea that this would not have been tested, rolled out, beta tested before the october 1 deadline, it's unbelievable to people but it underlies the political point here.

They could not delay it.

They could not push it later when they still have the 7 million and rowley target for march and that's what they need to hit.

-- 7 million enrollee target.

People get so frustrated and they don't sign up for it, you are going to be left potentially with only the least healthy members of your population and you're going to be committed to work for all of this red tape to be signed up and you're going to be left without that support of population.

Isn't that a real fear?

There was no law, nothing in the statute requiring the launch october 1. they could have pushed it out but they thought it would be humiliated.

The politics drove it.

Is this more humiliating?

I think it's a no-win situation.

It is better to have delayed the system and let people continue their coverage on the existing system.

Frustrating for those trying to sign-up right now.

This has been the cornerstone of domestic wallace e. we have millions of people who have tried to get on.

17 million unique views of the website.

When all they can do is compare this to the dmv, you know it's about.

Nobody wants to go to the dmv.

You don't want to be at the dmv.

I can't get insurance anywhere else.

It's important for a lot of people and they are nervous right now.

They've got to get it fixed.

Phil mattingly, senior fellow from the manhattan institute,

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