Is Netflix Making Linear TV a Thing of the Past?

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Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) –- Gaspin Media President Jeff Gaspin discusses Netflix and the battle over original content. He speaks with Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers" (Source: Bloomberg)

For more, i want to bring in the president and founder of gaston media and the former chairman of nbc universal tv entertainment group.

He joins us for a bloomberg exclusive.

You are clearly a man who knows tv, specifically network tv.

We love talking about netflix.

Are they really taking over the world?

I don't think they are taking over the world, but they are certainly a great service and they have made inroads in hollywood and are a force to be reckoned with.

How long does this run last?

They don't appear to have any real competition.

They are matching hbo's every move -- but there is not an alternative that exists.

There are competitors.

There is amazon prime, hulu is perhaps more of a complement than a competitor.

The one thing netflix has is this treasure trove of television content from miniseries.

-- from many, many series.

Netflix has all the television content you could want and more.

You mention amazon prime.

If jeff bezos is going to make something out of amazon prime that would compete with netflix, they've got to do a number of things.

Is that ultimately the endgame here?

The resources at his disposal are much greater than anything netflix has right now.

It is hard to tell why google , youtube, amazon prime have not really come into the marketplace as aggressively as netflix has.

It takes well over a billion dollars a year to spend on content to match what netflix is spending.

Netflix has really had the marketplace pretty much to himself.

Nothing with the size of the rivalry netflix has great how important was the original content?

It's important if they want to grow subscriptions.

They have taken so much of the library of television content that exists.

What else are they going to market to the consumer for those who haven't come on board yet?

Original content becomes that source.

When you hear the buzz over house of cards or oranges the new black, the series on the summer, that kind of buzz is invaluable to driving subscriptions.

That's why you will see original content growing more and more.

Than what is jeff bezos and google waiting for?

You will have to ask them.

That's a great question.

It is expensive.

They are just testing the marketplace more than they are entering the marketplace.

How panicked are the networks question mark how often are your former colleagues saying this is a huge threat to our business?

Is actually just the opposite.

Netflix spends over a billion dollars a year buying content from the network.

There is another billion dollars plus to spend on content area the networks were told on just in time tv.

I have to turn it on when i want to watch it.

With netflix, i can watch it anytime i want, no commercials, thank you very much.

There's no question what you are saying is accurate.

The viewing experience on netflix is better than the viewing experience on broadcast tv or cable tv.

There's no commercials.

You can watch when you want to watch.

You can watch 10 episodes in a row if you want.

Netflix is the source of what we call binge viewing, where you are watching one episode after the next.

When they reach an original series, they don't do it for 13 weeks over 13 episodes.

At a broadcast network, you watch 22 episodes over 39 weeks.

That's how the network parses out its original content.

When is the nail going to be in the coffin of linear broadcast tv?

We talk so much about people to watch "breaking bad" 48 episodes at a time.

When are we going to see nbc and abc put their hands in the air and say must see thursday just isn't must-see thursday anymore.

There's no question that linear tv is something of the past.

What networks are counting on is they take what those people who are watching linear broadcast and add those watching it on demand.

If you read just last week, the new series watching the network and you add what is called l seven data, which is seven days of viewing, you see something like a hundred percent of an increase in the original viewing.

When that gets measured and they get paid for it, it will breathe some life back into the broadcast business.

There is no question linear viewing is somewhat something of the past, except for life.

Which is still doing great.

Going back to the idea of who could threaten netflix, comcast is getting into bed with netflix, offering a channel on cable.

What is that going to mean?

For netflix, it's a great opportunity.

They have amassed 30 million

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