Is Nadella `the One’ to Change Microsoft?

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Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) –- NYU Stern School of Business Professor of Management JP Eggers, UBS Investment Bank Analyst Brent Hill and Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Hayzlett discuss Satya Nadella being chosen as Microsoft’s top CEO contender and the future of the business with Adam Johnson and Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Came out of nowhere as the top contender.

Is he the one to change the company?

Normally you would not think that an insider would be the one to change a company, but given the fact that the company has been so much about the office system and windows, that bringing up somebody that has little allegiance to those parts of the system could be an opportunity for change.

He is also a safe bet.

He is running about a quarter of the revenue, and the majority of the net profits of the company with the enterprise system.

It is a safe that.

He came in in 1992, well before the 95 change -- the 1995 change.

Is this saying that the future is the cloud, not windows, or xbox?

The focus of the company, the server business, it has transformed.

They have got off to a slow start relative to competitors, but he has gotten back on track with the cloud.

Starting in 1992, he did a tour of duty in the in the markets of -- two were of duty in the microsoft -- tour of duty in the microsoft business division.

He knows what he can do, we do not expect that he will selloff xbox business or detest the bing business -- divest the bing business.

We do not think the industry is less guided about this, because they wanted -- itsis as excited about this because he is relatively unknown.

They said he looks nerdy chic.

Geek chic.

I still say nerd.

The fact is, we do not know this guy will do, let's get him announce, as he would've his hundred day plan is and that will tell all of us what he is really going to do.

Microsoft is a very different company on the other ones that have been struggling to bring an outsider ceo.

Microsoft has this strong position in office and in windows, and making they're going to do to chase and company has to preserve that and build on that to create an advantage.

Bringing in a complete outsider who does not understand the intricacies of that business would take an enormous amount of time and ramp-up to achieve the change.

We're going to have to see what they do with the chairmanship.

I think bill gates will stay for a time.

They're going to replace the ceo and not the chairman?


Is a big stockholder, he founded the committee, i think he should do that.

When he was to lead, he will lead, and that is his decision, not the board's. i want to replay for you on comment he made last week when he talked about his huge or plans at microsoft.

My full-time work will be with the foundation for the rest of my wife and i are enjoying that.

-- for the rest of my life.

My wife and i are enjoying that.

I will help out part-time.

Even if the gates were to step aside as chairman, he was still holds sway at this company.


He is going to be a viable input to the technical direction of the company.

We want him on the team, on your side, he has other businesses on the side.

We have talked to our friends at microsoft when they all want him as the ceo.

I think it is important that the insiders are really behind satya

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