Is Music the Key to Success?

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Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) –- Elevation Partners Co-Founder & Managing Director Roger McNamee discusses how important music and learning to play a musical instrument are to being successful in life with Cory Johnson and Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

This is important.

Henry had a career in the investment business before he got into the guitar business.

The truth about music is that it requires tremendous discipline at a young age.

It is a leading indicator of the ability to focus.

A wonderful woman named joann -- i will stop you there.

She wrote about this topic writing many high achievers told her music opened up pathways to creative thinking and experience suggest music training opens up other qualities, discipline, and to reconcile conflicting ideas.

There are a lot of people all across the board.

My favorite reverse one, brian may from queen, a great guitar player.

He and his father built his first guitar as a kid.

He interrupted his phd program to be a lead guitarist and clean for 10 years and then went back and finished his phd and he is out there finding constellations in the universe.

Music is not the only thing like this.


peter was as well.

The great thing about music is a does not prevent you from doing other things.

You can be successful in economics, the law of medicine and politics, whatever.

Business, investing.

It really is an argument for all of us, with our children, to be given an opportunity.

The budgets have been cut back, but little kids rock, which provides music education but in a modern band form, so using instruments -- all your scores -- schools operate -- offer it.

They learn guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards.

Which is harder, learning how to play music or a business?

In business, somebody else is doing the work.

What i found myself working in the hedge fund world and doing expansive financial stuff, which you left, i got to a point where my financial models and spreadsheets reminded me so much of learning c parker tunes.

It took so much practice and tweaking and bending and when you got it right, you just are like, yes.

Seconds later, it was gone.

It is in the moment and then gone.

The model is never current.

The graph we brought up, that is not the point.

And why you on a guitar scholarship.

I was playing jazz guitar.

I think the skills people learn, learning music, it carries over so well.

Things like activesync and thumping your head against the wall so many times until you get it right, it is hard to learn another field.

May be another field, but i want to stand up to the other artists out there.

There is a level of listening and communication and spontaneity.

Same as in sports.

I guess.

Learning a fastball, let alone a curveball, it takes the same kind of repetition and discipline.

Anything you have to prove yourself to, those things make a difference.

It is not like everyone gets the lead in the school play.


Tell me about what he brings to the investment thesis.

Are the things that is really interesting, and it makes sense, everyone has seen bono in a lot of public settings.

This man took his stardom and applied it to the largest health crisis in the world.

Aids in africa.

He has made extraordinary progress.

When i met him the first time, i could not have named a u2 song.

They won the grammy for "youthful day" -- "beautiful day" and i meet this guy and three things pop out at me.

The first is that his success in politics is no accident.

This is a man with a plan.

The second thing is he knew so many things about technology.

When you look inside elevation, the places where bono made a huge difference are three.

First of all, he is -- every company in our world would like to be the u2 of their field.

He inspires and is great at marketing, but unbelievable at connections and introductions.

The coolest thing, u2 is a partnership 35 years old and

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