Is Gold Headed for a Bull Market?

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Aug. 29 (Bloomberg) -- In today's Triple Threat, Bloomberg's Julie Hyman, HSBC's James Steel and Stutland Equities' Joe Tigay discuss the outlook for gold prices with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Concern about a mentally seeing higher interest rates.

That all means good things for the u.s. dollar.

Why are we going to assume gold will keep going up?

I would not assume it will keep going up, at least not very strongly.

Certainly there is upside and gold tends to be sensitive to geopolitical risk.

Look at previous episodes of tension in the middle east.

It tends to get the gains back, unless there is a concerted rise in oil prices or some form of disruption related to the rest.

You think this is a near-term opportunity?

At least in regard to the political risk aspect.

Unless there is a severe disruption to oil supply, which would be historically positive for gold.

You also said physical demand for gold, i assume you're talking about the consumer aspect come is limited.

It is limited for the higher prices.

It has been remarkably high in china and will continue to be high.

We have government policies in india that are taxing bouillon.

It does not necessarily mean the market will drop.

I do think it will push a little bit higher from here but difficult to keep the physical momentum going.

You have touched on a good point with the tapering.

No matter when it happens, if it does happen, that is going to be negative.

What are you doing for trade?

To go there are two types of people playing golf right now.

We recommend 3-5% of the portfolio in gold.

Gold looks to be a little frothy right here.

It makes sense to take a step back and do a stock replaced a trade.

Sell the -- gold position.

I would be long gold again at 132. you will get to collect the $2.36. a 33 built that fancy option top.

One-third of the amount of gop move.

Skepticism as well.

From killer wells to for fusion.

The top 10 spots you need to know.

The clothes is coming up here yen-- 10 stocks you needs to know.

? if you missed everything that happened during -- during today's session, do not worry.

We are getting you caught on only stocks you need to know about today.


10, guest.

Shares down nearly 13% after the reported second quarter profit and revenue that missed estimates.

Amc networks up 3.5 percent today.

The company behind hit shows like "man men" getting an upgrade.

Amc reported better than estimated second quarter earnings earlier this month.


8, krispy kreme.

Shares have jumped 145%. keep your those results coming up.


7, the second quarter revenue fell short of estimates in weak outlook for the third quarter.

Zales top estimates. about 1% after they're prepared to lease their own company results.

Analysts looking for profit of 7 cents per share on revenues.

Stay tuned.

Those numbers are moments away.


5, the company is slashing ticket prices amid a drop in attendance.

Attendance fell 9% because of higher prices instituted earlier this year at sea world and because of bad weather.

Prices are getting slashed, but all the concern about the documentary's that showcased the treatment of the whales.

And because perhaps some people to pull back.

You do not have to look too far elsewhere to find signs the consumer is hurting and cutting back on consumer discretionary spending.

Maybe this adds to the consciousness affect as well.


4 rbc.

It joins record profits and consumer lending and wealth management.

The bank also plans to boost the quarterly dividend.

Down 3% after posting a loss in the fourth quarter for campbell's.

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