Can Colbert Fill Letterman's 'Late Show' Shoes?

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April 11 (Bloomberg) -- Horizon Media Vice President of Research Brad Adgate discusses Comedian Stephen Colbert’s signing a 5-year contract as CBS’ new host of “The Late Show.” Adgate speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Show," not the conservative evil twin he plays on the "occolbert report." for a look at what this signals is brad.

We have been talking a lot about late-night.

A good move?

I think so.

The choices were slim.

This is a prestigious position.

Cbs had to take a known commodity to go up against guys like jimmy fallon and jimmy kimmel.

They have been doing so well.

What is he going to bring?

Hopefully himself, he will be mainstream.

These are all mainstream people.

The blowhard he played on comedy central will go away.

He said it will go away.

Some conservatives have mentioned some things about it.

I think he will play to the middle.

Guys like jay leno, david letterman, jimmy fallon are straight down the middle.

They don't have a political agenda.

They are entertaining.

Is he going to attract younger viewers?

Cbs hope s so.

Even seth meyers has a median age above 50, which is surprising.

Colbert is 42. he has gotten older.

Five years ago, the median age of his show was 34. now it is 42. stewart is getting older.

The audience has grown up with them.

Letterman was under 40 when he started on cbs.

Now it is about 58 or 59. there's a streaming component, online component to this.

Jimmy fallon in his first month had 120 million views online.

They all have their own youtube channel with millions of subscribers.

That is where the young folks watch it.

David letterman did a lot of youtube moments in the 1980's. he had the stupid pet tricks and velcro to the wall, physical comedy?

When youtube came around, he toned that down.

Who has got the youngest audience?

"adult swim" is very popular

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