Is Coke Going Back to Its Cocaine Roots?

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March 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek's Emma Rosenblum and Platinum Rye Entertainment CEO Ryan Schinman discuss the new marketing strategy for Diet Coke. They speak with Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Over diet coke's latest ad campaign is kind of crazy.

It is called "you're on." they debuted it in a commercial with taylor swift.

They take -- she takes a swig and they say "you're on." now, the way that it reads, "y ou're on diet coke," but it is this double entendre where it is referring to cocaine.

Is this good for companies trying to reinvent themselves -- for a company trying to reinvent themselves?

They are an all-american brand.

You look at taylor swift, the ad agency, which is known for doing a little edgier work -- it is the juxtaposition.

"you're on." it's about empowerment.

They are trying to get youth.

Pepsi is kicking their butt as far as the youth is concerned.

They are getting involved with youth, doing an unbelievable job in atlanta and around the world.

It is just print ads, bus shelters.

It is not on tv.

It is good chatter.

We are talking about it.

You did some sort of endorsement deal with pepsico.

Tell me about your relationship with companies and stars.

As far as what we do as a company, we match up celebrities, entertainers, sports figures with fortune 100 companies.

Our fiduciary obligation to the corporation is to pick out the best match, the best talent.

Justin timberlake for pepsi, ellen degeneres for cover girl.

Do celebrities ever get skittish when something like this comes up?

Like some controversy comes up?

The reality is, these entertainers know what they are getting into.

They are aligning themselves with terrific rants day in and day -- terrific brands day in and day out.

They are very picky about who they align themselves with.

What are you working on now?

We are always working on some great stuff.

We cannot really talk about it.

We just came off of awards season.

There were some great things going on.

With big plans even far out for rio and the olympics, for fifa world cup -- i think you will continue seeing corporations use big celebrities in their promotions.

Do they wind up leading the sales?

Not this one.

It was pretty small.

This was generating buzz.

That is the best they can hope for for a campaign for diet coke.

They are trying to make themselves seem cool.

I'm not sure it is going to bump

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