Is American Capitalism Losing Global Influence?

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March 31 (Bloomberg) -- University of Chicago professor Luigi Zingales discusses the state of U.S. capitalism and how it impacts markets and the U.S. economy’s relation to the rest of the world on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

People think i am obsessed with tesla?



I managed to hunt them down in hong kong.

That is a hot looking car.

It was at the conference we were at.

China and hong kong are going to be the big drivers for tesla.

G.m., matt miller, there is that big buick sign in shanghai.

Bring that back domestically.

Mary barra, is she selling cars?

They are selling cars, but they will have a real problem with this recall issue coming up.

Look, if you have a car company that is proven to have found a default that is the kind of thing that could kill a driver and says it is too costly to fix ? not a car company -- that is ancient history.

She was in a serious management role at the time.

Everyone came in, including the government, as a majority stakeholder.

It speaks the process, right?

If that is how management views decisions?

I like that.

Within your reporting, is the process different at gm and ford ? absolutely.

It is a very different management structure and management culture.

General motors has a history.

Remember ralph nader?

And then they had problems -- how does he know about ralph nader and the corvair?

He is too young.

Betty, the zeitgeist over the weekend when you were flying the surveillance jet back from singapore, the idea that elon musk is using every loophole under mankind.

Within your reporting, was he successful because the american taxpayer help him out?

Like that is generally the idea, getting by on government subsidies, but he is beat -- he is building beautiful cars that people in the upper echelons of society are buying.

Growing competitors, he is going against the likes of general motors and toyota and ford when it comes to electric cars.

The thing he is trying to do is build these stand-alone stores, right?

He has been fighting with states throughout the country to get his stores approved.

I went to his store on saturday morning.

Hang on, let me get to the news.

Over the weekend, governor cuomo in new york and tesla agreed to allow his stores to remain independent.

I went to a tesla store on saturday morning.

Let me just say, i could have been going 120 miles per hour.

It is an amazing car.

The actual purchase experience is also really great.

It is luxurious.

The whole thing, start to finish.

He is saying -- look, i want to be able to bypass the dealer.

Did you drive that car 120 miles per hour?

Surveillance exclusive, matt miller, driving a tesla over 100 miles per hour this weekend.

You heard it first.

Matt miller, betty liu, later this morning on bloomberg television.

Thanks for joining us.

We have a data check this morning, including a chicago

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